VIDEO: Jim Carey and his funny parody of Lincoln and Matthew McConaughey

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Around 2014, when lincoln was presenting his series of luxury cars MK, among which the sedan stands out MKS and the SUV MKZ, Matthew McConaugheyfamous actor known for his role in interstellar (2018) or The Dallas Buyers Club (2013) recorded a series of commercial for lincoln they were memorable. But they were so Jim Careythe great Canadian comedian, could not resist and had to do a parody of them for Saturday night Live.

In the commercials, Matthew McConaughey he appears very thoughtful, talking to himself about almost existential topics and while doing so, he drives one of the incredible lincoln.

The commercial They have a rather cold color palette and have an otherwise sober tone, ideal for the actor’s dry gestures, which he seasons with a low tone of voice and a little dragged that is unmistakable of him.

Looking at them coldly, the commercials are comical and a bit over the top. gestures and profiles Matthew McConaughey they are too histrionic and stylized to the degree that they compete with the beauty of the car: nothing could be further from the reality of the drivers of the lincoln cars.

Neither here nor in China, nobody walks through life talking to themselves and driving like McConaughey does in the commercials for Lincoln. It was this comedic quality of the commercials that exploded Jim Carey for his parody that is so hilarious that after watching it, the Texan actor’s commercials look even funnier and more exaggerated.

The parody of Jim Carey, with his touch of good taste (despite everything)

The Jim Carey parody premiered on the show Saturday night Live in October 2014, several months after Matthew McConaughey won his best actor Oscar for the film Dallas Buyers Clubsince in that year the ceremony was carried out in March.

so that the Jim Carey parody he played a highly respected and recently awarded actor; maybe that’s why he was even more acidic. In the video we can see Jim Carey driving a lincoln with a dry gesture like McConaughey’s and says:

“Sometimes in life you have to go back to go forward: but I don’t mean going back like chasing ghosts, but something bigger. A big step back, like being an Oscar-winning actor and then doing a commercial for cars.”

He continues making references to the career of the Texan actor: “It would have made more sense to do the commercial for Lincoln after The lawyer (film that in English is called The Lincoln Lawer) but you don’t buy a Lincoln because it makes sense to do so: you buy it because they are great cars… or because you are an Uber driver”.

the gestures of Jim Carey and his pantomimes are so spot on that at times you forget it’s the comedian and it really looks like McConaughey himself.

Carey finishes off with another great line, but one that has a tasteful joke at heart: “Why do I drive a Lincoln? Why do we do what we do? If we are only insects floating in the void; Ultimately we are a mistake, humanity should go extinct”.

The outbreak of absolute pessimism parodies one of the dialogues of true detectivethe HBO police series created and written by Nic Pizzolatto and directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga, and in which first season appears Matthew McConaughey in one of his most memorable roles: that of Rust Cohlea tormented detective who has bouts of pessimism and says things so strange and irritating that his police partner (Woody Harleston) can hardly stand it.

At the end of it all, the Jim Carey parody at clincoln commercials from Matthew McConaughey it results in a healthy laugh and a friendly joke between colleagues that one, as a spectator, appreciates. Especially since at the end, and after a meaningless soliloquy, a little boy appears behind the car and tells Jim Carey:”Dad, are you okay? You are driving at 10 kilometers per hour!“.

Jim Carey turns to the camera and finishes off with his last great joke”Not bad for a lincoln!

VIDEO: Jim Carey and his funny parody of Lincoln and Matthew McConaughey