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The Lézignanais Hervé Tirefort is well known in the Aude territory, but also at the Avignon festival where he has been performing for twenty years. Author-composer and performer, the artist is also an imitator and pianist. He returns for L’Indépendant to his career and his approach.

At 53, Hervé Tirefort is part of this generation of Lézignanais who was born in the old maternity ward of the city. After his schooling at the Anglade college, he went to the Lacroix high school in Narbonne: “With friends, Lionel Calvayrac, Florient Fabry and a singer, we set up the group “Synthèse”. We did the beach bars. At the time, I did not think of making it my job.“.

At first, Hervé studied pharmacology in Montpellier, then he continued with a course in musicology: “I worked in the pharmacies of Lézignan, but it was short-lived because I was already making a little living with music and then I became a teacher.“. As a student, he entered the Acte chanson association created by Jacques Palliès, which promoted the author’s song: “This is where someone told me to professionalize myself. It was in 1996 and that got me started. Today, it’s been 30 years since I’ve been shooting“. Accompanied by his favorite instrument, the piano, Hervé launched into song, but not only.”I have several hats. I am also an imitator, a gift that I have always practiced and worked a lot on especially when playing an instrument at the same time.“. For 20 years, he has been doing the Avignon festival, a gateway to finding dates: “I tour all over France and I offer different services depending on what I’m asked or I mix everything at the same time, it depends. For example, in 2017, I created the show “Un petit coin de parodie” where I am a singer-imitator. I adapt it according to the news, while keeping pieces that have become hits. The main idea of ​​my creations remains improvisation. I always choose the public who asks me to do such and such a voice and I improvise. It puts me in danger, but it’s what I like“.

A multifaceted artist

The artist also accompanies singers, as in his new show “Barbara: mes hommes!” which he proposed in Avignon last July, receiving a very good reception: “I am with the singer and dancer Martine Bousquet, a lover of Barbara. It’s a show that speaks of the solar, committed and loving part of Barbara, without being a concert like many do. I imitate the men she has known, whether they are her lovers or friends. We find there Brassens, Brel (his big brother at heart), Mustaki (his lyricist and lover), Regiani (the only lover who left him), Depardieu, Higelin, Gainsbourg, Julien Clerc, Raymond Devos… What beautiful people, it’s a heavy task to represent them all“.

Besides this last show, Hervé likes to work on the words of poets: “I transform them into songs, including the contemporary poet Philippe Lemoine, who has a broadcasting room, or Bernard Revel, a former journalist. He sends me lyrics and I make parodies of them. I also try to highlight poets from Aude, like those from Moux, the village where there are the most poets per square meter in France! It’s all on the Net, free for fun“. Hervé Tirefort likes to take risks, both on stage and in his professional life: “I have no support structure, no help. I’ve been doing Avignon for 20 years and it’s such a financial risk. In addition, I make songs that are free to access on the internet, via my YouTube channel. With Santa’s rock, I’m at 230,000 views, which is pretty good“.

Accustomed to the stage and the Avignon festival, the artist has not finished seducing his audience.
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Thanks to Fabebook, Hervé also met Marc Feldhun, who is part of Boby Lapointe’s family: “We created the show “Cabaret Boby Lapointe” which has been touring for 5 years, including three times in Avignon. I would never have done this without the networks. We started on board a cart and now we make rooms. We have fun, we invent, we make puns, paintings. It’s both musical, theatrical with always improvisation“.

Residing in Frontignan, Hervé regularly returns to Lézignan where he has his ties, in particular his mother: “I close the city tennis tournament, I also went to Espace Gibert, where I would like to come back“. Projects, this entertaining and multifunctional artist has his bag full and for people who only know him by name, he invites them to discover his work via the networks: “It brings a plus for people who have never heard me“.

For more information: Facebook page, Instagram and Youtube channel.

[VIDEO] Lézignan-Corbières: Hervé Tirefort, the singer of Corbières