Viespoli: “Differentiated autonomy? For the South the problem was Title V reform”

“Will the center-right change the Constitution? The center-left overturned it in 2001”


The bugbear of‘differentiated autonomya used at a propaganda level has the same value as for the accountant Fantozzi had the Battleship Kotiomkin, parody of the Potemkin. This would summarize the position of Pasquale Viespoli, former Undersecretary for Welfare and expert on the topic of local autonomies.
“For those like me who have a political passion intact the debate is truly disheartening, difficult to follow: we go from discouragement to a bitter smile “says Viespoli speaking of an electoral campaign that sees” a continuous wolf-wolf, a cry to the barbarians who arrive and modify the Constitution“.

When the reality, according to the former senator, is quite different: “The reality is that differentiated autonomy IS ALREADY in the Constitutionis that the Constitution itself was overturned in 2001, with the reform of Title V. And it hasn’t turned it upside down Leaguebut he did that center left who today claims that the most beautiful Constitution in the world has not been touched, saying bullshit, because it has been turned upside down, and they have turned it upside down. We should remember who was there then: I remember that Agazio Loiero was in the Udeur, for example. It is truly paradoxical, therefore, that whoever produced Title V agitates the specter of the constitutional amendment: if anything, the center-left should take responsibility for that reform, proposing to overcome it, to repair the damage produced ”.

That reform which, explains Viespoli: “He manipulated the Constitution to make it a weapon of consensustrying to regain land in the North, emptying the State by placing it on the same level as municipalities and provinces, horizontally and eliminating the South from the Constitution “

And so? “And so today serious political forces would set a new constituent pact as the primary objective of all, not of a majority. Of all: thus avoiding the mistake made by the center left in 2001. There is an extraordinary opportunity. There Melons for example he should clearly say that if he wins the priority it would be to make a reform in this sense and not by a majority: already in this way the weight of the League would be less incumbent. If the center-right understands everything the importance of the issue, creating an alliance for the territory is overturned“.

And instead: “There is talk of exchanging differentiated autonomy with presidentialism. An apparently coherent way to keep together the reasons for the alliance, but in reality the differentiated autonomy in the constitution is already there, while presidentialism is a medium-long term project that requires a significant constitutional revision. And then, sorry, what does presidentialism mean? It’s like wanting the Republic: ok, but what kind of Republic? “

But returning to differentiated autonomy in itself, Viespoli seems very unconvinced: “The northern design is clear: a federalism that goes in the direction of supporting not only the Northern League regions, so much so that also Bonaccini, governor of Emilia Romagna and I presume the next leader of the Democratic Party to think of a Europe with Central European traction. Instead, I believe that a national dimension should be recovered: is the response to the crisis we are going through, even having seen what covid has produced in regional healthcare, is it really reinforced regionalism? Or should the theme of overcoming regionalism be raised? “

Recipes already written more than twenty years ago that therefore according to Viespoli in a world completely changed compared to 2001 risk being obsolete: “The system risks moving in a dimension that is overcome by events: we chase differentiated autonomy without realizing that we must differentiate ourselves, yes, but in a higher dimension”.
How? “Taking note that constitutional reform is indispensable: it must be done quickly, well and with the maximum popular participation. It is an opportunity to revive politics and re-legitimize representation with a constituent process, with a constitutional referendum or with a constituent assembly ”.

Viespoli: “Differentiated autonomy? For the South the problem was Title V reform”