VII edition of “Atletica del Cuore” with performances, workshops and conference

The seventh edition of Atletica del Cuore begins with a performance act (December 16, 2022), continues with workshops (February/March 2023) and ends with the conference day (April 1, 2023). The word that inspires the stages of the journey is End. As always, the word limits itself to delimiting a field of action of thought and for this reason it will be declined, imagined, deconstructed and re/invented by bringing together different disciplines, methods and reflections. We want Athletics of the Heart to be a path that generates complexity and questions, things that unite both the creative act and the pedagogical relationship. We believe that complexity is necessary to read the stratifications and contradictions that inhabit the human being, always so indefinable.

the radio marathon on Giorgio Manganelli will come to life on Friday 16 December 2022 at 19.00.
Giorgio Antonio Manganelli (Milan, November 15, 1922 – Rome, May 28, 1990) was an Italian writer, translator, journalist, literary critic, editorial curator and teacher, as well as one of the most consistent theorists of the neo-avant-garde. He actively took part in the meetings of Gruppo 63 and was one of the editors of Grammatica. He collaborated with numerous newspapers such as Il Giorno, La Stampa, Corriere della Sera, Il Messaggero, and with various weeklies (L’Espresso, Il Mondo, L’Europeo, Epoca) and monthlies (FMR). Author of numerous works of elaborate and complex prose, which often oscillates between the story-vision and the treatise, Manganelli affirmed in his Literature as a lie of 1967 that the task of literature is to transform reality into falsehood, scandal and mystification , resolved in a pure play of forms, through which writing becomes a contestation. In Manganelli’s works parody and sarcasm are practiced in refined and acrobatic literary forms.

The Marathon starts at 7pm on Friday 16th December and ends at 7am on Saturday 17th December and will be held live by the MAD_Murate Art District in Florence and broadcast live on the web frequencies of

You can participate from 6 to 120 years old, each person can bring their own contribution to the marathon night on Giorgio Manganelli, individuals, groups, musicians, and artificial intelligences. The idea of ​​the radio marathon is that a chorus of voices, the most diverse and varied possible, tell the story of the author by reading his literary production.

Choose a text – long or short – as long as it is by Giorgio Manganelli and decide how to participate:
> live dalle Murate register by communicating your name, surname and title of the text, if you know the duration of the reading, present yourself at the agreed time to MAD with the text to read.
> audio recording sign up by communicating your name, surname and title of the text, send us your recorded contribution in mp3 format – or other audio format – a voice message is also fine > by Monday 12 December 22.
> live from wherever you want subscribe by communicating your name, surname, title of the text and if you know also the duration of the reading; you will be notified of a telephone number or, if you prefer, an online link to which you can connect to carry out your live reading, it will be your concern to check the signal range

To participate, write to by Monday 12 December 2022, specifying: name, surname, title of the text, duration of the reading and how you want to participate (in presence, by telephone/web, with a registered contribution).

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VII edition of “Atletica del Cuore” with performances, workshops and conference