Divided into two groups, the young old…

Divided into two groups, young people aged 18 to 24 were able to learn how to manage stewardship but above all create planters for the future solidarity garden which will be located in François-Mitterrand Park. Their working days were punctuated by challenges on the model of the “Torch”: “We are more on the parody of Koh-Lanta”, jokes Carole Canadinhas, of La Safeguard. Thus, comfort tests, that of the poles or the orienteering race have been revisited for the participants. The purpose of this operation is to introduce isolated young people, looking for orientation or integration, to the structures that surround them.

In return for the worksite, meals were taken care of every day. “The stewardship team prepared the meals at the Résidence habitat jeunes. We also went to eat at the CCAS table for example, says Marion Pontis, member of Safeguarding. Some don’t even know they are entitled to it. And this Friday was synonymous with rewards for everyone with a session of giant paddle and orienteering at Lac de Clarens, as well as a meal prepared by the Cuisi’bus of the Régie du territoire. “In reality, the worksite is only a pretext for creating social ties and revaluing young people,” explains Zoé Caute, in charge of social ties at the Régie du territoire.

Marion Brignoli, Jéhanne Pontis, Zoé Caute, Carole Canadinhas and Marion Pontis supervised the young people during this week.


Partnerships have thus been multiplied as much as possible. “After the Covid, there was a loss of partnership. We were looking for links between the structures, ”says Marion Brignoli, employee at the local mission. According to the “staff” of the five organizers, this week also allowed “to rub shoulders in another context”.

To participate, nothing was asked of them, except good humor and punctuality. “The first day, we had to reframe them on the schedule, but then it was good. They liked the programming. » Programming and challenges to « enhance their skills and teamwork ». Jéhanne Pontis, from the Local Mission, noticed that they were “not all comfortable with manual work and do not necessarily have self-confidence. »

Successful experience

Marina, 18, admits having learned a lot: “Sweeping the broom, sanding the boxes and meeting new people. I’m not a very sociable basic person. But bonds were created between the participants. Even if she says she is tired, the young woman looking for a job is ready for a new experience. The same goes for Vincent, 24: “If I’m available, I’ll take part again, but I have a few projects like taking a computer BTS and working abroad. “ Daniela, she will have learned more “about others”.

Daniela and Mélanie, 20, already knew each other but got to know each other better during the week of challenges under construction.

Daniela and Mélanie, 20, already knew each other but got to know each other better during the week of challenges under construction.


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