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MILAN – A bag full of money is always the cause of unforeseen and unexpected consequences, especially if it is the object of desire of men and women who disguised as vipers try in every way to steal it for their own purposes. South Korean director Kim Yong-hoon builds his first feature film precisely on such a magnetic element to be able to weave different stories and film genres into a heterogeneous film with many faces, from the classic thriller to the most intriguing noir passing through the absurd and extravagant tragicomedy. Nest of viperswhich thanks to Officine UBU arrives in Italian cinemas from September 15 after being presented at the Rotterdam festival in 2020, is based on the Japanese novel by Keisuke Sone and eviscerates through a choral story the most evil and treacherous aspect of man, that more poisonous, a journey to nocturnal and corrupt, violent and bloody South Korea.

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A bag full of money can change the lives of many, especially that of those who crawl like a viper trying to cheat the other or bypassing their problems through the most ruthless illegality. The protagonists of Nest of vipers I am in fact a customs officer desperate for money to pay off a dangerous loan shark, a cunning scammer who is able to manipulate people with her fatal charm, a weird detective and a young prostitute eager to change her life and kill her violent and cruel husband. All inextricably linked by that bag so important and coveted, which however she is found and stolen by a humble employee who works in the sauna where she was hidden and who sees in that bag the opportunity to change her life.

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Underworld intrigues, compelling pursuits, double-dealing that continue to overturn the status quo, subterfuges that risk endangering the lives of the protagonists, Nest of vipers is a film that thrives on tension and reconstruction, with a compelling story where no one is safe and where death hovers and courts every character. A race against time, a petty and incorrect fight to overwhelm those who have the same goal in the part of the city that has no rules and where simply the one standing last wins.

nest of vipers
A scene from Kim Yong-hoon’s film

Nest of vipers is a film that winks at some distinctive traits of Western cinema, above all through the atmosphere and the construction of situations in the style of the Coen brothers (especially It is not a country for old people And Fargo) and the division into chapters and the pulp context typical of Tarantino’s cinema, but through oriental stylistic features he manages to enter a different cinematic dimension so as to have a strong personality both visually and narratively. Kim Yong-hoon rewrites a classic thriller story and sets it in a context already seen, but through a discontinuous and postmodern narrative he builds an intriguing film in constant tension and through a variegated game of genres he builds a chameleon film that always manages to change its skin and never be the same as yourself.

A scene from the film

Nest of vipers is an interesting thriller, a noir never predictable with unsettling twists and a narrative that is always rich and varied. It is a story that investigates the invisible to bring out the problems and issues that affect everyone from a different perspective. It is a journey into the underground world that rarely sees the light, dominated and commanded by money and by those who are most ruthless, where being dragged by it is easy but then getting out of it is almost impossible, where the scale of values ​​is overturned and surviving becomes the only one important thing. Nest of vipers takes this world and tells it in a thoughtful and parodic way, returning a serious but at the same time funny experience, where ruthlessness joins the pulp, where postmodernist tragicomedy joins the traditional thriller story.

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