Visions. “The Boys 3”: a ramshackle season finale

A disarming anodyne writing

Antony Starrtaking on the role of Patriot, represents the sad parody of a superhero. The perpetually grim face, the annoyed look, the clumsy stars and stripes costume worn like a uniform, make him look like a South American dictator of the seventies. The third season of The Boys 3 it is dominated by its “Superego”. A spoiled, arrogant and not at all empathetic child. In constant contradiction to himself, Starr is convinced that a couple of expressions can hold up three seasons of 24 episodes. A real heartbreak.

The US television series created by Eric Kripke for Amazon Prime Videobased on the comic of the same name created by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, stages a universe populated by problematic and vengeful “Supers” led by a Patriot. The intent is to increase money, kill the innocent and save the bad guys. The trouble is that the people don’t notice. But there are, fortunately, those who want to put an end, by any means, to the nefarious political-media power. Billy Butcherplayed by a cynical and amused Karl Urban (the only noteworthy character in the TV series) leads, with unorthodox methods, a group of “Boys” who rebel against the system of the powerful multinational Vought Americanwho manages the “Supers” (and is managed by them) as movie and sports stars.

The seventh episode of The Boys 3 it closes with the revelation that Soldier Boy Soldier, (Jensen Ackles), was hibernated because Vought in the past took its DNA to generate a more powerful replacement, a “son”: Patriot. The news upsets the two. But, shortly thereafter, given Kripke’s lack of interest in psychological deepening of the characters, father and son fight each other with rage for no apparent reason. The eighth episode, The hot instantwhose title is as evocative as it is vacuous in its contents, is directed by Sarah Boyd and written by Logan Ritchey and David Reed.

Patriot finds the baby Ryan (Cameron Crovetti) and convinces his son to return to him. Butcher, aware of having a few months to live due to the reckless use of the Temporary V (which makes it “Super” for a few hours), drop out Hughie Campbell (Jack Quaid), and arrives in New York with Soldatino. The goal is to kill Patriot. Meanwhile, Hughie recovers the relationship with Annie January-Starlight (Erin Moriarty). Patriot kills Black Noir (Nathan Mitchell) for hiding from him that he was Soldatino’s son. The latter and Butcher meet with the “Boys”, Annie and Queen Maeve (Dominique McElligott). Arriving at the Vought, Patriot shows Ryan to Toy Soldier, begging him to accept him. Soldatino, however, in a fit of shame and contempt, attacks him. In the grungy season finale, the move turns out to be wrong.

The Boys 3 has the ambition to put the modus operandi of US corporations. But there is never genuine despair, sincere unease, angry invective against the fascist-Nazi power represented by Vought and Patriot. With all due respect to some fervent critics, The Boys it fails precisely in its most ambitious and declared objective: to condemn the dominance of multinationals in today’s American society. The reasons are summarized in the disarming anodyne writing of the TV series.

Unfortunately a fourth season has been announced …

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Visions. “The Boys 3”: a ramshackle season finale