Wejdene: she is accused of having copied Rihanna

Wejdene : the young woman has just unveiled the entire clip of her song “Called”. The first excerpt had already made Internet users react strongly. We tell you everything!

A few weeks ago, Wejdene posted a video of herself on her social media. But some Internet users found that she was particularly arched on it. So the comments rocketed to everything, the young artist found herself in spite of herself faced with the wickedness of certain Internet users.

Wejdene therefore did not hesitate to answer them: This morning, I wake up and I see that you haven’t finished criticizing me, talking about my physique, my music, and everything that makes me the person I am. I’ve been in the gym for 7 years so yes I’m arched, I don’t do it on purpose and yes I have scoliosis which doesn’t help matters. You are doctors to deduce that it is not that? “.

The one who drives Karim Benzema crazy continued: “Stop scrutinizing my life if only to bring me negativity. I haven’t said anything for three years. You just follow fashion, you have no personal opinion. As soon as someone speaks ill of me, everyone follows. So go get some work, I don’t know, than stay behind your screen talking about me”.

Wejdene: she is accused of having copied Rihanna

Did Wejdene copy an American star?

If this long-awaited clip is finally out on the web, before that Wejdene had posted an excerpt. Very quickly, Internet users reacted because many assumed that the young singer had completely copied… Rihanna ! Indeed, many people have seen the similarities with the clip Man Down of the American singer.

We can notably see Wejdene (accused of having photoshopped her skin color) walking in the streets, in a fairly simple outfit. Among the comments on the web, we can then read: “She copied Rihanna’s Man Down or am I dreaming? Lol”, “Rihanna she said yes? », “She can copy the clip, she will never have Riri’s career or talent”“No need to do that”, “There’s no need to do that, even Aya didn’t dare”, “When you don’t have any inspiration”, “Never put Riri’s name next to that of wejd*ne please”. Wejdene did not react to these messages.

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Wejdene: she is accused of having copied Rihanna