What happens when you reach the end of the Marvel Snap Collection Level?

This is the question many Marvel Snap players are asking, but getting to the end of this Marvel card game is not easy. someone got it

Although there are thousands of players who are hooked on this success of Ben BrodeMarvel Snap‘, there are not so many who have a collection level so extremely high as to glimpse the end of it near. These players who have managed to reach this level are surely wondering what will happen when they reach the maximum level. Logical, to have a high level you have to put hours and hours into the game. Imagine reaching the maximum level.

Although such a feat might seem impossible, there is a user of this Marvel deck game that has achieved it. Don’t ask us how the hell he got it because we have no explanation. If we were to calculate the hours needed to get to the Collection level 22,366 At this point since the video game was released, we could get a scare.

So if you are one of those who wonder what happens when you reach the end, don’t worry, there is already an answer. The feat has been achieved by a player who responds to the name of Aaron.

What happens when you reach the maximum level of Marvel Snap?

But the situation, in addition to being a source of satisfaction, has caused him disappointment, as he made clear in the Official ‘Marvel Snap’ Discord. Once the maximum level has been reached, it has been impossible for him to continue obtaining rewards and opening chests of Collection Level. Once you reach the end of the road there is no more. Zero potato. But… Will it always be like this?

Will Marvel Snap level cap increase?

You are right. There will be even more levels in ‘Marvel Snap’. One of the members of the studio that originated the video game, which has been awarded as best mobile game 2022congratulated the user for achieving such a historic feat, becoming number 1 in the world, and to encourage him to continue playing, he assured that there would be more levels in future updates.

But everything has its trick. How did she get it? Twitter users did not give credit, and of course they asked him. Aaron had no problem answering the questions. But I will tell you that he has been able to put in about $500 each month to buy everything he might need to level up as quickly as possible.

It is clear that this is not something that all players can do. If we take into account that the packages released in the game are exorbitantly priced, the same figure remains small.

Marvel Snap

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What happens when you reach the end of the Marvel Snap Collection Level?