What if the new twitter did not promote free expression?

I can no longer talk about the progress of the implementation of Musk’s strategy in the takeover of Twitter. However, it is still in the tech and mobile news this Tuesday.

Will it really promote freedom of expression? Will charging users guarantee the possibility of “uncovering” field information? Is Mastodon a real benevolent alternative to Twitter? We talk about it in the review of Screen of the day.

Busy journalists are never a good idea.

Today is November 8. Here are the tech and mobile news I compiled for you this Tuesday… And we start with Elon Musk who…

(Hell, I feel like I’m already creating news routines and I started this press review only a week ago).

But it is really true that the consecutive advances and setbacks of the man at the helm of the network once presented as the major vector of freedom of expression and the dissemination of opinions occupy most of the techno press. Even more since there are many generalist dailies to follow almost directly to the rhythm of his twits, the implementation of Elon Musk’s strategy to repay the 12.5 billion dollar loan committed to the banks to finalize his takeover of the blue Bird.

So if I mainly refer you to the day before set up on our twitter thread, I still give you the interesting analysis of the English-speaking site Press Gazette which refers to the movement towards more and more paid access to twitter as very, very bad news for freedom of the press.

Thus, says the site, if we can expect media and press titles to be ready to pay €8 from Twitter Blue to persevere in their distribution of automatic articles in the Twitter timeline or to access consultation stats of their official certified content, it seems totally less likely from frontline journalists or on-the-ground whistleblowers, who still make much of the current value of content viewable on Twitter. And who made twitter until the takeover, the only social network that can serve as their broadcaster.

Press Gazette, and this seems to me a relevant analysis, speaks of a real reversal of the way Twitter works, where whoever creates the informational value of the network will be forced to pay to use it when it should be a fortiori rather only the role of whoever benefits from it (advertiser, owner, etc.)

Putting pressure on a single man is the fate that Twitter has chosen for itself.

Wire Magazine applies the same logic of thought but to the economic side. The American magazine points out that the transition from multiple shareholding to “toy of one man at the controls”suddenly makes the network much more subject to economic pressures carried out by states or industrial entities and lobbies with an interest in putting pressure on the freedom of expression enjoyed by the content creators who bring the social network to life.

Thus for the magazine which cites the case of a lawsuit defended by Twitter in the Far East, it becomes much easier in the future for a state to monetize favors business to Musk, in particular within the framework of its other economic activities. (Tesla, Space X…), against facilitating access to dissident contact details, or against account deletions, etc.

While Twitter teams previously hid behind the difficult unanimous decision of shareholders before being able to accede to such requests.

But perhaps the network will be more simply colored by the political positions taken by its owner? After years of silence on Americans’ choice of vote, Musk spoke out via Twitter over the weekend in the race for the Republican midterms. Should we separate the man from his business? Or can we consider that Twitter endorses some of the opinions of whoever owns it now?

I didn’t really like your parody: I’m banning you

Forbes magazinein French, returns to the anecdote, not necessarily so anecdotal as that, after reading the above, of Musk’s decision to ban recent comedians, despite being Twitter Blue subscribers, for what they had decided to usurp the name and profile photo of Elon Musk while remaining decked out in the certification for which they now pay 7 dollars 99 cents.

(Note that the certification will soon take another visual form than the historically recognized blue badge, in favor of the mention “official account” under the name of the author)

This humorous action triggered the ire of the South African tycoon, who immediately decreed by mutual agreement with himself, to enact a new rule prohibiting this kind of parody as soon as the author writing from a certified account did not first identify himself as the owner of the parody account. Scary.

Finally, many of you, it’s not true, have wondered about the fate of product manager Esther Crawford, whom I showed you in a tweet put up by one of her colleagues, sleeping in her sleeping bag at Twitter, to support the pace demanded by Musk since the takeover of the company.

Know, worried reader, that she kept her job at twitter in the wave of layoffs at the end of last week.


Is our morphology changing because of our use of mobile technologies? This is the question posed by an article by 20 minutes. We have long thought that the head down position common to the compulsive consultation of our mobiles would be the major cause of a modification of our morphology linked to the mobile… We should in fact rather look for the side of the tendons of the thumb, according to the daily free.

Grosmamouth was not just a nice care bear

And if many of us have reactivated our Mastodon accounts to prepare for any Twitter event in recent days… An uncompromising article from Numerama, explains to us why if you are looking for an “other twitter” but ideal, the functioning and the moderation mode of this decentralized tool is not however a care bear episode where Grosmamouth would come and fight with sunburn and hugs against Grospiaf the ugly billionaire. A very fair article which has the merit of showing where you are stepping by joining this alternative that I continue to hope to become a real alternative to Twitter.

Creations planned in insta

Information in brief but which will delight the community managers you hide in your bowels, LesInternets…

That’s it Instagram is finally allowing creators who wanted to schedule posts during the week to do so.

Thus the youtuber Michou who apologized yesterday in an instagram story for having fallen asleep on the train instead of posting the promised content finds himself fulfilled. A article to read in Engadget.

Digital aid stations at the Red Cross

What if the new twitter did not promote free expression?

And finally, I’m talking to you about the initiative of the Red Cross, relayed by The computer worldwhich imagines creating a kind of flag, a digital emblem that could be displayed on certain websites guaranteed by the Red Cross, which would tend to inform hackers or cyberwarriors that by attacking said site they are infringing entities that depend in the real world on hospitals, or areas and actions dependent on personal relief, particularly in times of war, as well as the Geneva Convention.

Several technologies have been devised to tag the sites in question with this emblem: from a manifesto, to a signature in the blockchain, but which in any case demonstrates that connected digital technology now has issues that relate to the survival of humans in times of war and the protection of the wounded by the conflict.

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What if the new twitter did not promote free expression?