What is being said online about Elon Musk

Although other social platforms have a much higher number of users, Twitter it is quite possibly the most relevant of all. There is no head of state, politician, journalist and opinion leader/maker who does not have their own presence on the microblogging platform. It was therefore natural to expect an “earthquake” when, after a long and controversial negotiation, Elon Musk he gained control of it. Also because, as we know, following the acquisition the moves of the South African entrepreneur were characterized by both determination and ruthlessness. ANSA and DataMediaHub they therefore decided to analyze the online conversations related to the eccentric billionaire to try to understand what people experience about the new owner and his choices.

Online conversations were analyzed (social + online news + blogs and forums) in the last thirty days, from October 16th to November 14th, relatively right to Elon Musk. Overall, in the period examined, they were slightly less than 16.9 million Elon Musk quotes online. The maximum peak of such conversations occurred on last October 28thwhen the US entrepreneur made the purchase of Twitter official by tweeting “The bird is free”. The bird (referring to the Twitter symbol) has been freed”. Tweet which incidentally generated more dthe 2.4 million likes, 357 thousand retweets and almost 54 thousand quote tweets.

Just under 16.9 million citations online, by almost 1.5 million unique authors, whose contents involved (like + reaction + comments and shares) approx 146 million subjects. In addition to the day Twitter officially changed hands, there was a spike in 1.6 million citations last November 7th, when Musk announced he would regulate “parody” accounts, immediately eliminating some famous ones with a large following. An extraordinary volume of citations, which is most likely a record, of which beyond 100 thousand from Italy.

Debate strongly negative as regards the sentiment, the share of emotions and, precisely, negative feelings contained in the online verbalizations, even if there are those who instead express a positive opinion. The positivity of sentiment, minority, is mainly recorded in reference to guarantees of free speech that the new owner would guarantee. Freedom that is not appreciated by the advertising investorswho concerned about brand safety, the set of measures that aim to protect the image and reputation of brands from the negative or harmful influence of objectionable or inappropriate content during online advertising, in many cases have stopped investments in advertising on Twitterfreezing them until the situation is clearer.

There negativity, which prevails, focuses instead precisely on the figure of Elon Musk, as well as on some aspects related to the massive dismissal of employees, political incorrectness, and the idea of ​​charging for the use of the social platform. It is no coincidence that the tweet from the chillmage account (with little more than 19 thousand followers) who claims that “Elon Musk is so good at negotiating that it paid off $44 billion for something worth approx $10 and then as the first order of business he proposed a $20 monthly subscription and immediately revised it up to $8 because Stephen King told him to go fuck himself. Brilliant stuff,” gets more than 281,000 likes, almost 27,000 retweets and over a thousand quote tweets.

In short, the outlines of the conclusions of Elon Musk’s first moves are still being defined and there seems to be no escape from Twitter, with Mastodon which states that from Oct. 27 to Nov. 12, the number of active users jumped to over 1.6 million, which is over 3 times what it was two weeks ago. Little compared to the approx 238 million “monetizable daily active usage” on Twitter at the end of June 2022. But the elements emerging from our analysis so far are certainly not a positive signal for the working hypothesis of the new owner of Twitter, who behaves like a tilted poker player and tries too hard to get his i his money at once, too quickly, and probably unrealistic.

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