What is Mastodon and Why Could It Topple Twitter? | The Planting

✍ November 11, 2022 – 13:14

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After the acquisition of Twitter by the eccentric billionaire Elon Musk, all eyes fell on the decentralized social network Mastodon.

As reported dazedMastodon was born in 2016, when another billionaire, Peter Thiel, announced that he wanted to buy the little bird’s social network. According to the creators of it, Mastodon originated from the idea that no one person or company should be able to control such a massive public forum.

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Meanwhile, while last October 28 the platform had 400 thousand users (very little compared to the 206 million members Twitter has), by November 7 that number had already grown to more than a million.

What happened in between? Musk announced a new and controversial version of Twitter Blue (with payment of USD 8 per month tweeters will be able to access the famous “blue tick”) and discussed with users who questioned their decisions.

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Also, in the last few hours, the tycoon behind Tesla and SpaceX fired three thousand employees (close to 50% of workers in the social network), announced the end of remote work and surprised: “I do not rule out declaring Twitter bankruptcy.”

What is Mastodon, the social network that could take the place of Twitter?

Strictly speaking, Mastodon does not work in the same way as Twitter: it is a “federated network” that is made up of thousands of separate social networks running on servers around the world and are united by Mastodon technology, forming the “Fediverse”.

In this way, anyone can configure a server as long as they enroll it within the “Mastodon pact”, an agreement of active moderation against racism, sexism, homophobia and transphobia.

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Thus, users can express themselves through “toots” (which would be the equivalent of a “tweet”) up to 500 charactersperform “spoiler alerts” and have more control over who sees your content.

“At Mastodon, we present a vision of social media that cannot be bought or owned by any billionaire. Your ability to communicate online should not be subject to the whim of a single commercial company”, they maintained from the decentralized network.

What is Mastodon and Why Could It Topple Twitter? | The Planting