What leaves the turbulent first week of Musk’s Twitter

From delaying the launch of paid verified accounts to asking some employees laid off in recent days to return to the company, that has been part of what has left the first week of Elon Musk’s Twitternow sole owner of this social network.

The celebration this Tuesday of the legislative elections in the United States led the company to delay the start-up of your new verified account systemwhich will give that privilege to those who pay a monthly subscription of 8 dollars (about 7,255), one of the first big bets of the richest man in the world.

The concern among some employees of the social network about the possibility that this new system could cause confusion at a sensitive time such as these legislative elections seems to have led the company to postpone the move.

According to an internal message seen by New York Timesit has been decided that the novelty will be launched this November 9, after the elections, information that was also confirmed by an anonymous source to the chain CNN.

This weekend, in the notes that accompanied an update to the Twitter app, The company has already confirmed that subscribers to the Twitter Blue payment service will receive the blue symbol that identifies verified users, something that until now was limited to public figures and entities.

The fight against parody accounts

Meanwhile, the businessman continues to give details about how he intends to govern the social network, on Sunday he assured that any account that pretends to impersonate another person without clearly stating that it is a parody will be permanently suspended.

That announcement came after scores of users, including some verified ones, changed their name to Elon Musk to mock the now-owner of Twitter.

Among the first suspended apparently appears the humorist Katy Griffinwho posing as Musk called on Americans to vote Democrat in the elections this Tuesday.

It is not known whether he was serious or joking, Musk tweeted shortly afterwards about the case, assuring that Griffin will be able to recover his account with some two million followers as long as he pays 8 dollars.

The also head of Tesla, who had traditionally been very critical of Twitter’s content moderation policies and who had assured that his priority for the platform was to guarantee freedom of expression, also said on Sunday that wants to turn the social network into “the most secure source of information in the world”without giving details of how to intend to do it.

Reverse to layoffs

Musk’s turbulent first week at the helm of Twitter also ended with a seemingly chaotic cut of half the staff, as after laying off some 3,700 employees last Friday, the company has since contacted some to ask them to return to their jobs.

According to the agency Bloomberg, Twitter has contacted dozens of workers who were mistakenly fired or deemed necessary to execute some of the changes Musk is pushing..

The world’s richest man, who paid about $44 billion for the company, on Friday justified the layoffs by saying Twitter is losing $4 million a day.

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