Who was Rosetta, the grandmother of Casa Surace who became a web star

NoonNovember 18, 2022 – 1:53 pm

It had been launched on the web, with great success, by the group of video makers and was the “real” grandmother of one of the members of the video production factory, Peppe Polito. Originally from San Giorgio a Cremano, she was 89 years old and lived in the Salerno area

from Gabriel Bojano

She died at the age of 89 Grandma Rosettethe most famous grandmother in Italy, popularized by sketches and parodies with the group of videomakers “Casa Surace”. His presence is now familiar, on the web but for some time also on the major generalist television networks, where he often appeared as a testimonial of important national and international brands. Nice and very hands onRosetta Rinaldi was born in San Giorgio a Cremano in 1933 but had been living a long time Council Hall, in the province of Salerno, where “Casa Surace” has its headquarters. Here she was the “real” grandmother of one of the components of the video production factory, Pepe Polito.

The debut

Seven years

ago the group of videomakers needed an elderly person to play the role of a grandmother and on that occasion Polito mentioned the name of his grandmother, who has been a widow for thirty years. Which he passed the audition and officially entered the cast of Casa Surace. Since then, there have been countless productions in which grandmother Rosetta has taken part, playing herself, one housewife with the cult of the family, ready for a joke but also for useful advice. The videos that saw her as the protagonist went around the world, with million viewsand have even been translated in Chinese and Portuguese. The short monologues recorded during the pandemic on the health and behavioral rules to follow are very funny, always with their hilarious spontaneity, and the parody of songs of the Sanremo festival in which Mahmood’s Money triumphed. Recently it was “candidate” jokingly to take the place of Sergio Mattarella as President of the Republic and had been chosen as a “smart and technological grandmother” by the 5G operator Linkem for the campaign of its first twenty years. The last video, a month ago, about saving energy.

Among young people

Although she has become a star known since million of peoplegrandmother Rosetta continued to live in the same way, cooking in Sala Consilina typically southern delicacies (in industrial quantities) to acquired grandchildren. His dishes have also been tasted by the greatest Italian chefs. «Now when I go to the supermarket everyone stops me for a selfieI can’t walk: it’s crazy, even if I like it – she once said in an interview with Caterina Balivo on RaiUno – They are always surrounded by young people and this makes me feel good».

The farewell of his boys

This message appeared on the Casa Surace facebook page: «Goodbye grandma. We call you grandmother, because for all of us you have truly been a grandmother, as well as the best friend. And today those who offer us condolences make us smile through tears, as if we were all your grandchildren. We are sure that now you are somewhere preparing a ragù that will pipipite for as many hours as you want, and we greet you with the last words you said for our big family: “Stattackort”. We are aware, don’t worry. Hello, Grandma Rosetta».

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November 18, 2022 | 1:53 PM


Who was Rosetta, the grandmother of Casa Surace who became a web star