“Women don’t cry, women rule”, the parody of Shakira’s song with which Uribe invites women to compete in the elections

Using the phrase “women don’t cry, women govern”, the former president and chief of the Democratic Center, Álvaro Uribe promoted a video in which he invites women to register as candidates for the local elections in October on behalf of their party.

The ex-president posted the message a few days after the Colombian singer-songwriter Shakira released her song BZRP Music Sessions #53 in which launches several phrases against her ex-husband Gerard Piqué and that in a matter of hours became a success on social networks and digital music platforms.

One of these phrases against the ex-soccer player is “Women don’t cry, women bill”, alluding, supposedly, to the millionaire income that the Colombian singer would have on the occasion of the reproductions of the song.

In the video that accompanies Uribe’s phrase and that invites women to participate as candidates in the October elections they are called upon asking if they have ideas to improve security in their regionsovercome poverty rates and increase opportunities to obtain quality jobs, among other needs of the country.

“In addition, do you think you can improve access to basic public services such as drinking water, and the possibility of studying for more young people?”they are asked in the video produced by Uribismo to motivate the registration of women as candidates for the elections in which mayors, governors, councilors and deputies to the departmental assemblies will be chosen.

After these questions, the party invites women to make their expression of interest and register to have the possibility of being candidates for the regional elections on October 29 within the Democratic Center.

Gerard Piqué confirmed that Casio will sponsor him
Gerard Piqué in his first public appearance after knowing Shakira’s song, which was broadcast in which he confirmed that Casio, a firm that is also mentioned by the Colombian singer, will sponsor a new product he is working on. – Photo: King League

The video also shows images of women congressmen, such as senators Paloma Valencia, Yenny Rozo, María Fernanda Cabal and Paola Holguín, among others. “Because women don’t cry, women rule,” concludes the video shared by former President Uribe and which would make a parody of Shakira’s song.

How did Shakira’s song come about?

One of the most striking elements of the new success of the Colombian singer-songwriter was the collaboration with Bizarrap, an Argentine producer and DJ with whom he teamed up in an unexpected and surprising way, in a musical work that captivated and conquered millions of people around the world. Both artists gave their unique touch to this theme, which was named as Bzrp Music Sessions #53.

With just a few hours since the video clip officially came to light on digital platforms, The Colombian and the Argentine added more than 60 million views on YouTube, unleashing a wave of praise and applause from the curious. And the success was also transferred to other scenarios, as is the case with Spotify.

It was recently known, in the program Wake up America, of Univisión, that the eldest son of Shakira and Gerard, 9 years old, Milan Piqué Mebarak, would have influenced the decision to record with the renowned DJ.

Shakira already has a proven formula to turn her heartbreaks into worldwide hits and sales.
Shakira with the Argentine producer and DJ Bizarrap. – Photo: Instagram @ Shakira / SHAKIRA || BZRP Music Sessions #53

And while she continues billing and not crying, it is already known who advised her to do the song with Bizarrap and they cannot imagine who it was. They are going to be left with their mouths open, we exclusively tell them that it is nothing more and nothing less than their own son Milan ”, they assured in the program.

Additionally, they stated in the program that the little one is fan #1 of the Argentine, so he decided to convince Shakira to record Bzrp Music Sessions #53being today, a worldwide success.

“It turns out that is a fan of Bizarrap thanks to his most recent hit’Stay’ of the singer Quevedo. And so the little boy did not hesitate to collaborate with him, the rest is history and this means that Milan clearly knows what is happening, “they added later.

“Women don’t cry, women rule”, the parody of Shakira’s song with which Uribe invites women to compete in the elections