Youtube audiences: Squeezie king of the audience, Cyprien in the top 10 despite his flop

Squeezie tops the latest weekly Youtube Top 10 of 2022! This Saturday, invites you to discover the audiences of the most popular French videos on Youtube, via the Tubular tool. This ranking takes into account the videos published over a week, i.e. from Friday 23 to Thursday 29 December 2022. Clips, gaming videos and trailers are not included. The Youtube view counter is triggered after only a few seconds of viewing.

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Squeezie plays scare

squeeze confirms his place as king of the audience during the holidays. The youtuber has faced his greatest fears, starting with amaxophobia, that is to say this panic fear of driving or being in a vehicle, even on the passenger side. His acolytes have also outdone themselves in overcoming tenacious acrophobia and entomophobia. 4.5 million fans by Lucas Hauchard shivered with him. Video is also in first place among engagements with 403,000 comments and likes.

Double performance ofAmixem. The youtubeur not only managed to build an Eiffel Tower out of Lego in just two days for the pleasure of 3.1 million followersbut it is also ahead stainless steelwho, due to the end of the year celebrations, has opened the 24 boxes of its Advent calendar to discover surprises, each more unusual than the next. 2.5 million fans did not miss this appointment. Inoxtag also appears in the fifth position of the ranking in a parody of the game show “Take it or leave it”, posted by Aminematue.

Cyprien reaches 1.2 million views of his short film

The short film of Cyprien takes seventh place in the top 10 with 1.2 million views. “Fujisan” realized “worst video launch” in the history of his channel, regretted the youtubeur at the start of the week. “hard blow” for the second largest French YouTuber, yet with 14.4 million subscribers. Finally, note the appearance for the first time in the top 10 of the collective of YouTubers Re: Take, including the parody of the Japanese manga “Naruto” was seen 1.1 million times.

The Top 10 Youtube from December 23 to 29, 2022

1. “We face our greatest fears (Extreme version)” – Squeezie – 4.5 million views
2. “We built the Lego Eiffel Tower in 48 hours! (The biggest in the world) (Extreme fatigue)” – Amixem – 3.1 million views
3. “I received a surprise a day for a month! (You will be surprised)” – Inoxtag* – 2.5 million views
4. “Youtube Santa Claus 2 (You will be moved by this video)” – Michou – 2.2 million views
5. “He has the choice between a trip and a banana – Take it or throw it away with Inoxtag and Billy” – Aminematue – 1.4 million views
6. “Emily in Paris Me Makeover (Oui oui baguette)” – Lena Situations – 1.3 million views
7. “Fujisan (Short film) – Cyprien* – 1.2 million views
8. “Mektoub – Broken Heart (Episode 11)” – Hassan – 1.2 million views
9. “Naruto in 35 Minutes Re:Take” – Re:Take – 1.1 million views
10. “You’re an influencer Harry! Dubbing (ft. Seb)” – Sofyan – 920,000 views

* These youtubeurs collaborate with Webedia, publishing company of

Youtube audiences: Squeezie king of the audience, Cyprien in the top 10 despite his flop