YouTube ranking in Chile: the list of the 10 most viewed music videos today

Although social networks like Facebook and instagram are betting more and more on videos, the truth is that Youtube It is still the king of being the second most visited page in the world, only behind the Google search engine.

Youtube has a presence in 104 countries and is available in 80 languagesso it is not surprising that on this platform you can find a video of BTSthrough horror videos to educational content on how to solve an equation.

The American platform, which emerged in 2005, has become the largest digital video library in the world and proof of this is that more than 500 hours of content are uploaded to it every minute5 billion videos are viewed per day and earnings are estimated at 15 billion dollars per quarter.

Given these figures, it could be somewhat difficult to miss the news or the clips that are being the most popular, which is why YouTube has since 2018 with various lists where you can consult the most listened to artists, the most viewed videos and what are the trends of the day in real time.

Here is the list of the 10 new videos that are trending this wednesday january 4 in Chile:


Video: Call me baby

Artist/channel: pailita


Video: why don’t you decide

Artist/channel: pailita



Artist/channel: Jere Klein


Video: Wrist

Artist/channel: Marcianeke and Jere Klein


Video: The Same As Me Rmx – Balbi El Chamako Marcianeke AgusPadilla LaCebolla JereKlein Bayriton Franco El

Artist/channel: balbi el chamako


Video: counting cash

Artist/channel: The Jordan 23


Video: Marisola (Remix)

Artist/channel: Duki, Cris Mj and Nicki Nicole


Video: pantyhose

Artist/channel: pailita



Artist/channel: Harry Nach, Cris MJ, Polimá Westcoast, Pablo Chill-E, Aqua VS and Tom Fomt


Video: night cat

Artist/channel: Ñengo Flow and Bad Bunny

The most viewed videos by Chileans in 2022

In 2021, YouTube users were more inclined towards urban music videos. (Reuters)

YouTube has become one of the favorite platforms of Internet users and it is because on this site you can have access to the music videos of your favorite artists until you watch the latest video of kittens that causes a sensation on the internet.

From comedy, to politics, and even to children’s videos, Chileans spent their time in 2022 playing videos of all kinds, which add up to millions of views.

The most popular video of 2022 was from the popular channel “La Junta”, who did an interview with the singer El Jordan 23; then there is the channel Mr Beast in Spanishwith the clip titled “I ate the World’s Largest Pizza Slice”.

The Mexican channel is located on the third step Luisito Communicateswho gained fame precisely with a video of a trip he made to that country entitled “The office of the president of Chile and the ‘cafés with legs'”.

In fourth place is a video of the auditions for The Voice: Chile of the participant Pablo Rojas interpreting “In the black silence of the night”; followed by nfl halftime show.

In the sixth position is the channel of crazy korean with a reaction to Stanley; later there is a parody about an exclusive interview with Gabriel Boric; followed by the “Araña Rincón” by QuickLagll; a clip by Alejo Igoa; and the first chapter of “Paola and Miguelito”.


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YouTube ranking in Chile: the list of the 10 most viewed music videos today