ZEvent 2022: Mister MV, Bob Lennon… the craziest donation goals!

news culture ZEvent 2022: Mister MV, Bob Lennon… the craziest donation goals!

The ZEvent 2022 has just started. And the least we can say is that the participants were particularly creative on the donation goal side. There are crazy things planned but also WTF challenges. Here are the funniest and most improbable donation goals of this edition.


We will not speak here of donation goal troll type à la “I parachute over an erupting volcano… Without a parachute” or “I shit in Jbzz’s PC during the ZEvent”. Nor of those who look like donation goal already proposed in the past as “Calendar of the old people of the stadium with streamers”. The aim is to highlight donation goal improbable, funny or original that you may not have seen pass.

AngleDroit, “Chandelier’ cover with the voice of Toad”

If you hang around AngleDroit’s stream a bit, you may have discovered one of his hidden talents. She who had launched on Youtube to popularize the law could have slipped into the imitation box with her Toad voice more real than life. For €10,000, she proposes to introduce this talent to as many people as possible in song with a cover of Candlestick. Prepare the earplugs or you risk having very bad ears with this funny donation goal.

AVAMind, “I make Jean Massiet my follower IRL”

If you haven’t played Cult of the Lamb, you might not understand this donation goal. As a reminder, the latest game published by Devolver offers you to build and grow your sect. The latter is filled with followers who worship you if you take care of them. Obviously the game gave ideas to the streamer AVAMind who offers us, for 2,000€, to make Jean Massiet the first follower of his sect. We can’t wait to see what this will bring. donation goal improbable in practice.

Bob Lennon, “We call Fanta and try to convince him to quit crypto”

Fanta and Bob… A mythical French Youtube duo who mainly worked on the Minecraft game. This duo is no more and while Bob Lennon continues to create content related to video games, TheFantasio974 has totally changed its niche. Now his thing is cryptocurrency, which he analyzes in order to advise his community. A very improbable reconversion, which is at least as much as this donation goal. For €97,400, Bob Lennon intends to call his former sidekick to convince him to quit crypto. We are curious to see what his answer will be.

ChowH1, “Aperitif at an ultra and I hitchhike”

Some streamers take advantage of their donation goal to make small gifts to their community. This is particularly the case of ChowH1 who offers to come and have an aperitif not only with an ultra, but even at home. Besides the fact that this challenge can be at their own risk, it comes with a little twist: the streamer will return from this aperitif hitchhiking. It remains to be seen where this will take him. donation goal dared. But for that, his kitty still needs to reach the requested €175,000.

DFG, “I become a living draft notebook”

Applying make-up or drawing on it are small recurring challenges of the ZEvent. DFG decided to take them to the next level for this edition. Once his kitty has reached €60,000, he offers to become a living draft book. Anyone can therefore come and draw, write their shopping list or scribble some ideas on their body. A very strange idea, especially since we can see the other streamers having a great time throughout the weekend.

Doigby, “I taff in a kebab one day and I treat the subscribers”

Here is another who has decided to offer a small gift to his community. Doigby indeed offers us a donation goal improbable, namely working in a kebab for a day. In addition to the unique experience, he promises to take advantage of it to “delight” his subscribers. If you want a double ration of fries and a good dose of sauce, you will have to increase the kitty of this dear Doigby to €30,000. For comparison, the streamer had exceeded €50,000 raised last year.

Jean Massiet, “I make a fragmovie on François Hollande”

If there is indeed a participant who has shaped his donation goal with humor, it is indeed Jean Massiet. The political streamer offers us an anthology of little jokes ranging from “I MASSIET on the ground”, “I water golf courses in Canadair (on Flight Simulator)” or even “I write a McKinsey note for Macron”. But the prize is awarded at the €120,000 level, which will force the streamer to make a fragmovie on François Hollande. We can’t wait to see this!

Mister MV, “I’m calling … for hyper the event”

We stay in humor with Mister MV, particularly known for offering us donation goal delusional. After self-reading of Time of Storms, the streamer has decided to offer us a common thread responding with humor to all those who decree in advance that this ZEvent will be a flop. To save the event, he offers several times (€10, €50,000, €100,000, €200,000, €250,000, €300,000) to call absent streamers to “hyper the event”. What a gift of self!

Rivenzi, “Breton dance with the whole ZEvent”

We hesitated for a long time to opt for the donation goal €3,500 from Rivenzi for his touch of humor and his link with current events: “I’m calling a marabout for the victory of the French team at the football World Cup”. But the most WTF of donation goal de Rivenzi is undoubtedly the giant Breton dance for the €90,000. A moment that promises to be completely crazy and boosted on the spot, while the cat will be able to spam BZH with the greatest fervor.

Shaunz, “I eat a platter of bugs at 10 a.m. (after ZEvent)”

The donation goal sometimes take the form of small sacrifices made for a good cause. But one wonders what could have gone through Shaunz’s head when defining his challenge for the €50,000 level. Not only does the latter propose to eat an entire tray of insects, which is not really an attractive dish, but he also intends to do it in the middle of the morning. If some are already struggling to eat something greasy or salty barely risen, imagine what it’s like with a platter of bugs.

Solary, “Les Tourangeaux (Parody the Marseillais)”

As we know, the Solary team has taken over the city of Tours and is very proud of it. And it is felt even through their donation goal. For 17,500€, the members of Solary offer us to highlight their Tourangeaux identity in a somewhat special way. This is indeed a parody of the reality show The people of Marseilles that LRB and his band promise us. We can’t wait to see Narkuss and the others having fun on this somewhat special shoot (before going on the more serious Cash Investigation of €50,000).

TPK, “4 Power Tournament at UFA with RZA”

If you are not really familiar with the world of versus fighting, you may not know the UFA. However, the Ultimate Fighting Arena is an important Parisian competition that has existed for five years already. On the program, there is of course Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Street Fighter V, Tekken 7, Dragon Ball FighterZ and many more. But if you reach €20,000 in the TPK prize pool, this edition will host a competition of a different kind: an improbable Power 4 tournament.

Zerator, “I organize the famous “Meet at the bakeries of your cities””

This is a donation goal that goes back. Indeed, Zerator wants to launch a project of its kind since 2013. The idea is simple. If you exceed the €275,000 threshold, the streamer and co-organizer of the event undertakes to organize a meet up between members of its rather special community. One day, at a given time, he will indeed invite his subscribers to wear a distinctive sign and to go to the bakery closest to their home. An original way to meet and perhaps create great stories.

ZEvent 2022: Mister MV, Bob Lennon… the craziest donation goals!