‘The Orville’, the parody of Star Trek that enters fully into the cultural war of the 21st century

The science fiction series enters fully into all the controversies of the cultural war that is being waged in the West Created by Seth Macfarlane has just finished its third season on Disney + From a science fiction perspective, it addresses issues such as machismo, transactivism, religious fundamentalism or populism Those who know about these … Read more

The art of being a parent in the 21st century as seen by Jean Epstein (52)

On the occasion of professional meetings of early childhood, Jean Epstein, a psychosociologist, gave two conferences, one for professionals and the other for parents, on changes in the family. The second was less followed but just as listened to. For two years, the professional meetings of early childhood, in Chaumont, are open to families, for … Read more

The return of 21st century socialism

By Alberto Medina Mendez amedinamendez@gmail.com @amedinamendez Some time ago characters like Chávez in Venezuela, Morales in Bolivia and Correa in Ecuador burst into the region, but also more or less at the same time there were his “friends” Lula in Brazil, Kirchner in Argentina, Lugo in Paraguay, Humala in Peru. , Bachelet in Chile and … Read more