The best 10 supporting actors (and actresses) in the history of the Oscars

The Academy Award is the most coveted award in the career of an actor, and an actress. Even among the greatest, not everyone is able to win the statuette, but this does not mean that those who do not win the Academy Award should be excluded from the ranks of the best actors of all … Read more

Tita Merello was so great that four actresses were needed to reconstruct the myth live

A figure like Tita Merello deserved a big tribute and that’s how the team understood it Aunt experience. Passionate Flarethe musical recently premiered at the Astral Theater, in the middle of Corrientes street, as befits a Buenos Aires icon. The versatility of Laura Ana Merello (her birth name) was such that with a single artist … Read more

Elizabeth II, the actresses (and two actors) who played her on the screen


70 years of reign e thousands of apparitions public for mourning Elizabeth II, who died yesterday, have ensured that the queen of England and the United Kingdom entered to all intents and purposes in the collective imagination as well as in our history. And consequently she – inevitably – became one icon repeatedly represented by … Read more

Catherine Deneuve celebrated at the Venice Film Festival as the most Italian of French actresses


The Golden Lion for his entire career was awarded to him on August 31, the day of the opening of the prestigious festival of the city of the Doges. Back to his dolce vita at the cinema. “Yes,I am Catherine Deneuve“. The phrase has become a gimmick in Italy. It’s a short line from the … Read more

Catherine Deneuve: the most “Italian” of French actresses receives a Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival


For many Italians, she is “la Deneuve”. Rewarded on Wednesday August 31 with a Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival, actress Catherine Deneuve has always had a special relationship with Italy. She goes there frequently, has shot a dozen films there since the 1960s and has formed a famous film couple with Marcello Mastroianni, … Read more

Sean Bean (Game of Thrones) considers the coordination of intimacy useless, actresses answer him


Several actresses, including Jameela Jamil, Rachel Zegler, responded to the comments of actor Sean Bean, who considers the presence of intimacy coordinators on the set superfluous. Sean Bean certainly did not expect such an outcry. In an interview at Timesthe English actor who shone in The Lord of the Ringsx in the early 2000s before … Read more