Who is Donatella Raffai’s true story: age, where and when she was born, husband, children, illness, ex

Donatella Raffai (Rome, 8 September 1943) is an Italian television presenter and journalist. She is the second daughter of Admiral Antonio Raffai and Maria Jelardi, both of noble families, one from Veneto and the other from Campania, she is – on the maternal side – great-granddaughter of Senator Marquis Nicola Polvere. Born in Fabriano, where … Read more

Réforme des retraites : âge de départ, pensions, carrières longues… Toutes les annonces

Réforme des retraites : l’âge légal repoussé à 64 ans d’ici 2030 C’est désormais officiel, Elisabeth Borne a annoncé que les Français travailleront jusqu’à 64 ans en 2030. La Première ministre a annoncé les mesures de son projet de réforme des retraites en conférence de presse ce mardi 10 janvier. Le projet de réforme propose de relever … Read more

Texte parodique au Moyen Âge et concept de « parodie » dans les études médiévales

Colloque international organisé dans le cadre des colloques franco-russes qui se sont déroulés de 2004 à 2021 à Moscou  Texte parodique au Moyen Âge et concept de « parodie » dans les études médiévales 27 au 30 août 2024, MSH de Clermont-Ferrand Les dernières décennies ont été marquées par l’intérêt qu’a porté la critique à la parodie, … Read more

Silver Age Influencers to Meet and Follow

The echoes of the song still resound “grandmother la la la la” who, with the neighbor of Villa Luro María Cristina (or Lita) as the main character, transformed the elderly into protagonists of the celebrations for the Soccer World Cup. The collective joy embraced the previous generations and put them close to the center. While … Read more

‘Forever Young’, caricature of old age to a rock rhythm

One can laugh at almost everything and a clear example is how the show mocks old age. Forever Young, recently premiered at the Teatro Cofidis Alcázar in Madrid. The public is peeled with this old musical theater production directed by tricycle and recaptured two decades after its premiere. The formula is simple: a list of … Read more

Alain Chabat: Late Show, films, age, wife, son… All you need to know

The former member of Les Nuls arrives on TF1 with his own Late Show. Closer tells you more about the comedian, actor and director. Alain Chabat: when will his Late Show be broadcast? Le Late with Alain Chabat will be broadcast for two weeks on TF1, starting Monday, November 21, 2022. The last show will … Read more

Caterina Guzzanti husband, partner, children, father, brothers, age

Caterina Guzzanti age. Caterina Guzzanti (Rome, 5 June 1976) is an Italian actress, comedian and impersonator. Catherine Guzzanti husband Caterina Guzzanti is 46 years old. She had a child, born in November 2014, from her former partner Walter, a pilot by profession. The two met in Favignana in 2013, they never married. Family She is … Read more

How to educate children to images in the age of social networks?

In a world saturated with images, there is an urgent need for our responses to them to go beyond the emotional. Indeed, without an analysis guide, it is fascination that prevails, especially since the images, taken out of context, become viral, which makes their evaluation extremely difficult. All manipulations are then possible knowing that everyone … Read more

Adriano Pappalardo age, wife, curiosity

Adriano Pappalardo Adriano Pappalardo. Adriano Pappalardo (Copertino, March 26, 1945) is an Italian singer-songwriter and actor. Adriano Pappalardo’s career began in 1971, with an audition at Numero Uno, Mogol’s newborn record label. The voice with unexpected soul veins and the vehemence of the interpretation (while he sings he involuntarily injures his head, but completes the … Read more