At the age of 25, he sold his series to MTV but slammed the door: from the extreme low profile to the return of Alejo and Valentina

Alexander Szykula he was just 25 years old when he opened his own website, locoartsand uploaded the first chapters of Alejo and Valentina, the Flash animated series that would change his life forever. It was the year 2002 and the Internet was still a territory to be explored. The social media revolution would come almost … Read more

War in Ukraine, day 209: Macron denounces a “return to the age of imperialism” at the UN tribune

► The invasion of Ukraine is a “return to the age of imperialism”, accuses Macron before the UN Emmanuel Macron accused Tuesday, September 20, at the rostrum of the United Nations General Assembly, Russia of having provoked a “return of imperialism” having invaded Ukraine. “What we have been witnessing since February 24 is a return … Read more

“Return to Monkey Island”, tender reunion with a lost golden age of video games


It was the time of eight-inch floppy disks and VGA in 256 colors. On the computers of the early 1990s, the adventure game acted as a showcase and the point and clickits most engaging version, unfolded marvelous picture books in which players clicked to solve puzzles and follow extraordinary stories. Among those, The Secret of … Read more

At the age of 81, an amateur painter improvises herself as a restorer: the result is unprecedented damage


A painter improvises herself as a restorer but causes irreparable damage. But what exactly happened? Let’s find out together. A restoration in 2012 went around the world and especially on social networks where reactions were not lacking. A restoration that will surely go down in history and has made a small Spanish town famous. Photo … Read more

Who is Giovanni Vernia? Age, Wife, Children and Where Lives the Zelig Comedian | Chiecosa


Posted on July 4, 2022 Giovanni Vernia is a well-known 48 year old comedian, originally from Genoa. He is known for the character of him, Jonny Groove , which made famous pieces, which later became catchphrases like ESSIAMONOI, a techno song produced by him. Became a famous face of television thanks to his countless appearances … Read more

‘Forever Young’, caricature of old age to the rhythm of rock

One can laugh at almost everything, and a clear example is how the spectacle mocks old age. Forever Young, recently premiered at the Cofidis Alcázar Theater in Madrid. The public is thrilled with this old musical theater production directed by Tricicle and replayed two decades after its premiere. The formula is simple: a cast of … Read more

Rome. Resounding success for the premiere of “Zoro … with a single age” at the Tirso De Molina Theater

Rome. Resounding success for the premiere of “Zoro… with a single era” at the Tirso De Molina Theater Resounding success for the theatrical show “ZORO… WITH ONE ERE ALONE” staged at the Tirso de Molina Theater in Rome until November 28th. Pablo and Pedro return to the theater and celebrate 25 years of career with … Read more