Call My Agent Italia, the hilarious monologue about school

In the second episode of the Sky Original adaptation of the French cult series Dix pour cent, the Oscar-winning “revered Master” offers us a reflection on school meetings between teachers, parents and children. A scene from the anthology of comedy “The meeting at school between parents and children is the closest thing to death”. As … Read more

The inventor of the ‘zapatófono’, the character that inspired ‘Anacleto, secret agent’

Naive, cheerful, clumsy and carefree, Ancleto, the secret agent became one of the great classics of Spanish humor cartoons. A character whose creator, the cartoonist Manuel Vazquez Gallego, always kept a special affection. An imperfect anti-hero, the first cartoons of him were released at the height of spy fiction, when the whole world yearned for … Read more

Call my agent Italy. Here comes the series on vices and secrets of the stars

Cary grant said: when you become famous it’s not us who change but the others around us. The famous or the famous are addressed with deference and flattery, flattery, even. Like this, the actors who made themselves stars, these “gifted misfits” (it’s always Cary Grant speaking), are a human category apart, crunchy on the outside … Read more

Agent Fortune: the great deception, the chemistry between its actors is evident

The M16 agentOrson Fortune (Jason Statham, The Fast and the Furious) and his team persuade – through clever blackmail – one of Hollywood’s biggest movie stars, Danny Francesco (Josh Hartnett, Pearl Harbor, The Black Dahlia) to help them in a covert mission to track down and stop the sale of deadly new technologies to billionaire … Read more

the moviola | Agent Fortune: The great deception. shaken and stirred

@lamoviola flawless parody jamesbondsescaAgent Fortune: The Big Hoax (Guy Ritchie, 2023), without being a formal spoof movie, has no reproaches or claims. It’s a goofy-to-the-simple genre comedy that finds a good footing in fast-paced gags, well-done but not excessive action scenes, and a slight metafiction of its leading stars. The film, directed by Maddona’s ex-father, … Read more

“Agent 007

from Filippo Mazzarella The first episode of James Bond appears dated from a technical and narrative point of view, but, starting with Sean Connery, the grandiose destiny of the project is already written Almost ten years after his first literary appearance (the novel “Casino Royale”, 1953), the secret agent of the British counterintelligence James Bond … Read more