Tullio Solenghi takes Woody Allen to the theatre, but the result is not what he hoped for

To interpret Woody Allen it is a very complex thing, let alone bring it on stage, to the theatre. She tried Tullio Solenghi with his new show entitled “God is dead, and I don’t feel so good either“, on the stage of the Theater of the Marsi of Avezzano last January 31st. Considered, with good … Read more

Las 10 mejores películas de Woody Allen y una que las supera a todas

Dentro de los cineastas más destacados de la industria está Allan Stewart Königsberg, más conocido por todo el mundo como Woody Allen. A sus 86 años, la carrera de Woody Allen ha destacado sobremanera en la industria del cine tanto delante como detrás de las cámaras, haciéndonos reír y emocionar con cada una de sus … Read more

Concordia Theater: Elio Germano brings virtual reality to the stage, Solenghi and Nidi Ensemble the classics of Woody Allen

Elio Germano, Tullio Solenghi, Enrico Tesio: they are the great protagonists of the week at Concordia Theater of Venaria Reale. Three appointments, from Tuesday to Friday, to laugh and reflect. ALARM SIGNALTuesday 15 November, 9 pm “Warning signal” is a work that is both a play, a film and a virtual reality experience, one of … Read more

Tim Allen confirms Galaxy Quest 2 talks are still ongoing | Pretty Reel

Tim Allen reveals he’s still actively involved in talks about a possible Galaxy Quest 2, despite the tragic loss of Alan Rickman in 2016. While it’s been over 23 years since Galaxy Quest was first released, the film’s star, Tim Allen, reveals that talk of a possible Galaxy Quest 2 is still ongoing. A parody … Read more

In “Rifkin’s festival”, Woody Allen revives the parodic spirit of his first films

Woody Allen broods over his first loves: parody, the pastiche of his favorite filmmakers, voice-over… and the same existential obsessions in his latest film, “Rifkin’s Festival”. With age (soon to be 87), Woody Allen seems to be relaxing. Rifkin’s festival was filmed well three years ago, presented at the San Sebastian festival in 2020 – … Read more

Las 20 mejores películas de Woody Allen, en ranking

Siete décadas, 49 películas, toda una vida rodeado de escándalo (como narra la docuserie ‘Allen v. Farrow’), una cita obligada con su cine cada año y… se terminó. Lo dejó caer en junio, en una entrevista que realizó Alec Baldwin a Woody Allen en Instagram, en la que el director indicó que había perdido la … Read more

5 elements to understand the career of… Woody Allen | VL Media

The New York director has finally announced that he does not want to end his career. His next film, the fiftieth, will take place in a few weeks in Paris. A look back at the career of this prolific director. Last June, the filmmaker had already briefly expressed his desire to stop the cinema. A … Read more