Nicaragua and Monsignor Álvarez: chronicle of an announced sentence

All independent analysts in Nicaragua – inside and outside the country – have defined the trial against the bishop of Matagalpa, Monsignor Rolando Álvarez, a pantomime After Monsignor Álvarez’s refusal of a proposal for exile in exchange for his freedom, the epilogue of the trial carried out by the Sandinista regime led by Daniel Ortega … Read more

How did the love story between Jorge Salinas and Elizabeth Álvarez begin and why did they end? | The popular

In the last hours the name of Jorge Salinas has been the covers of different communication portals, since although all the mexican show business and international media thought that the actor had a stable and solid relationship with the also renowned actress elizabeth alvarezsome compromising images of Salinas with his a young woman, who is … Read more

The fierce criticism of Lucho Cáceres against Carlos Álvarez: “Many of his characters do not make me laugh”

Lucho Cáceres attacks Carlos Álvarez after parodying Lilia Paredes, wife of President Pedro Castillo. (Photo: Composition Infobae) Totally disgusted. lucho caceres He has accustomed his followers to share their feelings on political and entertainment issues on their social networks. This time, the prominent actor lashed out at Carlos AlvarezPeruvian comedian, whose parody of the first … Read more

Carlos Álvarez made a parody of Dina Boluarte, but had a “slip” in his swearing

the comedian Carlos Alvarez took advantage of the political situation to introduce her new character Tina Volarte, a parody of the new president Dina Boluarte after the vacancy of Pedro Castillo. During the Phillip Butters show in Willax, he remembered part of the words of his “swearing-in”, but made a ‘slip’. “Did you see my … Read more

Carlos Álvarez exposes a netizen who threatened him on his networks: “The cowards continue”

Carlos Alvarez captured the attention of the press by presenting a parody of the first lady Lilia Paredes in her time on the “Eighth Commandment” program by Jaime Chincha. During his imitation, the comic actor had a speech that generated controversy, for which he was harshly criticized in networks and questioned by the MIMP and … Read more

Carlos Álvarez prepares a parody of the Minister for Women after being criticized for imitating the first lady

Carlos Álvarez will imitate Minister for Women. (Photo: Composition) Carlos Alvarez announced through his social networks that he will present an imitation of the Minister for Women, Diana Miloslavich. But, this publication on his social networks was made just a few hours after he was harshly criticized by said ministry for his recent parody of … Read more

‘Paquetel’, ‘Yulian’ and ‘La Tía Michel’: This was the parody of Carlos Álvarez at the wedding of Ethel Pozo and Julián

‘Paquetel’, ‘Yulian’ and ‘La Tía Michel’: This was the parody of Carlos Álvarez at the wedding of Ethel Pozo and Julián. (Youtube) There are only a few days left for the dream of Ethel Well. And it is that, the great wedding of the daughter of Gisela Valcárcel with the producer Julian Alexander will take … Read more

Carlos Álvarez proud of his political parodies: “The Government gives me many supplies” | INTERVIEW

Carlos Álvarez is a Peruvian humorist, recognized for imitating different personalities of the country. (Photo: Instagram/@humorismo_peru) Carlos Alvarez humorously take latest political events that happen in the country. After hearing huayno sing Dina Boluarte during his participation in the Council of Ministers in Huancayodecided to make a funny parody of the Vice President of the … Read more