Dayanita reveals how the cast of ‘JB en ATV’ reacted to the return of Carlos Álvarez

Dayanita reveals how the cast of ‘JB en ATV’ reacted to the return of Carlos Álvarez | Youtube / Moloko Podcast The reunion between Carlos Alvarez Y Jorge Benavidez delighted thousands of viewers on the night of last Saturday, September 10, as the duo returned to TV after several years apart. The program ‘El Especial’ … Read more

‘Canelo’ Álvarez one more! All the real boxers who have appeared in the movies ‘Rocky’ and ‘Creed’

rocky is one of those legendary movies in the history of cinema and of sport. Sylvester Stallone created a mythical character, who gave him an Oscar and more than 40 years later, the possibility of continuing among boxing fans and the big screen. Although it is not a 100% original creation, because it was inspired … Read more

“Jorge Benavides and Carlos Álvarez are spectacular”, affirms ‘Cachito’ Ramírez

Comedian Walter Ramirez ‘Cachito’said that it was spectacular to re-record the parody ‘Las pitucas de la Molina’, together with the imitators Jorge Benavidez Y Carlos Alvarezand which aired last Saturday. LOOK: Andrea San Martín and Sebastián Lizarzaburu would have separated “I was surprised when they called me to tell me that I was called to … Read more

Carlos Vílchez denies leaving “JB en ATV” for Carlos Álvarez: “He does not work on the program”

Carlos Vilchez spoke about the reunion of Jorge Benavides and Carlos Álvarez in “El especial”, a program that had its first edition on Saturday, September 10, on ATV. The comedian distanced himself from his namesake and expressed the reasons why he prefers not to work with him. Will Carlos Vílchez resign from “JB en ATV”? … Read more

JB and Carlos Álvarez presented a single program: excited fans ask them to get together again


JB and Carlos Álvarez in ‘The Special’. The comedians met again. | atvs Finally happened what many followers of Jorge Benavidez Y Carlos Alvarez were waiting, after 15 years, the duo got together to record a single program, which was broadcast this Saturday, September 10 after ‘JB on ATV’. The reaction of the users did … Read more

Jorge Benavides and Carlos Álvarez LIVE: time and how to see “The ATV special”


The best duo on TV is back. Jorge Benavides and Carlos Alvarez They get back together after 11 years to entertain viewers with their popular skits. The appointment is on the program “El especial de ATV” this Saturday, September 10. The humorous duo began days ago the recordings of the sequences that will mark the … Read more

Magaly Medina launches a preview of the sketches by Carlos Álvarez and Jorge Benavides in ‘El especial’


Peruvian comedians Jorge Benavides and Carlos Alvarez They keep the audience waiting for those who will present in their sketch this Saturday, September 10. The duo will be seen on cameras after more than ten years of being apart. The program of ‘Magaly Tv La Firme’ In its latest edition, it broadcast some previews of … Read more

Carlos Álvarez and Jorge Benavides come together again with the ‘sketch’ of “The ladies of La Molina”


Comedians Carlos Álvarez and Jorge Benavides, who over the years have formed one of the most famous comedy duos on Peruvian TV, once again shared the same television set for the recording of their famous comedy sequence called “Las Señoras de La Mill”. This was announced by Álvarez through his Instagram account, with a photo … Read more

De la Carrera again polemicizes on TV and accuses Monse Álvarez of fake news:

The deputy had a tense exchange with the professional after they accused each other of publishing false news. A tense crossing was experienced in the first moments of the morning with you in the morning, after the deputy Gonzalo de la Carrera and the journalist Monserrat Álvarez will accuse each other of broadcasting ‘fake news’. … Read more

Carlos Álvarez parodied President Pedro Castillo and “his shoe tie” with the police


Video: Instagram / Carlos Álvarez. Nobody is going to stop it. Although Carlos Alvarez has received rejection and death threats for imitating the presidential couple made up of Pedro Castillo and his wife Lilia Paredesthe comedian has firmly said that he will continue to do his job, and he proved it last Saturday with a … Read more