On Netflix and Salto: 3 amazing series to watch this Wednesday

Today, the editorial staff of CNET France invites you to visit a disturbing boat, a supercharged summer camp and the birthplace of Superman in three series to watch in streaming on Netflix and Salto. Subscribe to Netflix > Discover without delay: 1899, Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp and Superman & Lois. What … Read more

Amazon: This amazing comedy about endearing losers will leave the platform

When amateurs go to the cinema. In a few days, Amazon Prime Video will remove from its catalog of films the comedy “Comment c’est loin”, written by Orelsan and directed by Christophe Offenstein. The rapper plays the main role of his feature film and gives the answer to his sidekick always, Gringe, then new to … Read more

The Holderness Family’s Top YouTube Hits Since Winning The Amazing Race | Pretty Reel


Kim and Penn Holderness won Season 33 of The Amazing Race, and they’ve been filling their fans with new hits every month since winning. Kim and Penn Holderness won Season 33 of The Amazing Race and returned to their roots with some YouTube hits. Season 33 of Amazing Race was monumental, as it was the … Read more

This documentary is less than 6 hours long and it’s one of the most amazing stories you’ll see on Netflix.


There is a cult with thousands of members who just seem a little weird. You’ll also find plenty of wild elements in this Netflix documentary. This documentary includes many views and wild scenes. There are a lot of hard-to-explain events followed by a lot of suspense. Antelope is a small town of 46 people located … Read more

Joël Dicker, the amazing deeds of a best seller grinder


“The Alaska Sanders Case” has taken all the hits. But criticism is divided on the writing and marketing skills of its (phenomenal) author … Francesco Specchia 01 September 2022 Joël Dicker he is not just any writer, he is the secular miracle of world publishing. With that allure of a Martian fallen to Earth as … Read more