This is the American Space Army anthem and it’s ridiculous, again…

News hardware This is the American Space Army anthem and it’s ridiculous, again… Published on 09/22/2022 at 15:50 The US Space Force, created by Donald Trump, never ceases to surprise with the staging worthy of the series of the same name. Even to the point of wondering if it is not a parody, if only … Read more

“These years we come out of one and another worse one comes; It’s like an American series.”


The actor and comedian Goyo Jiménez is known for his monologues in which he parodies topics of American culture. At 9:00 p.m. tomorrow he will be in Palexco with the last one, Aiguantulivinamérica 3. What is the leitmotif? It is based on the fact that we are living near the end of the world: if … Read more

“It’s a parody of our days”: the rage of an American city of 150,000 inhabitants without potable water to drink | American News


In the Walmart parking lot, a long line of vehicles is a vivid reflection of America in 2022. There are frustrated faces inside every car. There’s also anger and confusion that here in Jackson, the state capital of Mississippi, they don’t have clean water. A citywide boil water order was put in place last month … Read more

The best Latin American novels are invisible

By Formula Radio Writing Written in OPINION the 6/24/2022 08:05 a.m. In Latin America, literature can change the path of history and yet not deserve a bibliographic care that guarantees access in the region to the best ingenuity of its best poets, critical of political violence and its unfolding. The author of Paseo Ahumada, a … Read more

10 American Comedy Movies You Should Watch Stream Now

From historical films to light films of recent years, where to look for good American comedy films to spend a carefree evening? The best-known streaming services have many comedy titles in their catalog, one of the most popular film genres: in the macro-category, American films are often the most numerous. So what to choose? Let’s … Read more

Bob Saget: the American comedian and actor died of a tragic fatality


Cause of death of American comedian and actor revealed Bob Saget passed away at the age of 66. Saget’s family has released a statement confirming that the comedian died of a head injury. In the weeks following Bob’s death, we were overwhelmed by the incredible outpouring of love from Bob’s fans, which was a great … Read more