Rai Play pays tribute to Ugo Tognazzi with the Tognazzi à la carte anthology

Exactly thirty years ago, it was October 1990, he left us Hugh Tognazzi. The RaiPlay digital platform pays tribute to him by publishing Tognazzi à la carte. It is an anthology that traces the career of one of the most talented actors in Italian cinema. Ironic, sagacious and polemical, he was the protagonist of unforgettable … Read more

Alaïa afore Alaïa, the anthology to discover everything about the Tunisian couturier

© Arthur Elgort – Azzedine Alaïa and Naomi Campbell. Photograph by Arthur Elgorts, 1987. Written by several hands, including those of Carla Sozzani, president and co-founder of the Azzedine Alaïa Foundation, Alaïa afore Alaïa tells the first moments of the life and career of the Tunisian couturier, through the many friendships he has made. Of … Read more

The Pro returns (without Garth Ennis) for an appearance in the anthology Image! | COMICSBLOG.fr

The anthology Image!a series of short stories overseen by Eric Stephenson to celebrate the rich history ofPicture Comics on the front of the original designs, ultimately works as a decal of Skybound X. Remember: for the anniversary of his small publishing house, Robert Kirkman had the good idea to propose to different artists to deliver … Read more