“Boomerissima”, third episode: Pierpaolo Spollon arrives

Pcontinue the appointment with Boomer. There third episode of new program led by Alessia Marcuzzi goes on air tonight at 21.20 on Rai 2. Again, one comes into play generational clash. On the one hand i Boomers and on the other i Millennialsstruggling with musical challenges and monologues to get the studio audience to decide … Read more

40 years later, the sequel to The History of the World arrives on Disney+

On Disney+ the sequel series to Mel Brooks’ 1982 film, History of the World. 01/19/2023 – Eleanor Editor The History of the World Part II is the title of the sequel to the film by Mel Brooks from 1982. This time it will come as a series consisting of 8 episodes available on Disney+. Release … Read more

“Youth is overrated”: Paolo Hendel arrives at Marenco di Ceva

The winter season of Paul Hendel continues Thursday 26 January at 21 with “Youth is overrated” Of Paul Hendel and Marco Vicari with Paolo Hendel, directed by Gioele Dix – Production by AGIDI srl The plot. “It all started the day I accompanied my ninety-year-old mother to the new geriatrician. In the waiting room, the … Read more

History of the World Part II Hulu Teaser arrives on YouTube | Pretty Reel

Residence TV trailers History of the World Part II Hulu Teaser presents a modern look at past events History of the World Part II promises more of the kind of genre parody that made Mel Brooks famous. Hulu Riding the ponytails and intentionally bad wigs of classic Mel Brooks comedy/parody History of the World Part … Read more

Lillo and Greg’s “Comedy Show” arrives on Prime Video

fto laugh on a stage without scenography with the power of words alone (and some costumes). After all nothing is impossible for Lillo and Greg, which on their show now on Prime Videos – taken from the show Gamemen Upgrade – they succeed in the meager enterprise of making a mess with intelligence. Leveraging the … Read more

The exhibition dedicated to the “accountant Ugo Fantozzi” arrives at the Kapannone dei Libri in Angera

To the Shed of Angera Books he arrives Ugo Fantozzi, the most unfortunate accountant in Italy, for an exhibition that opens today – Friday 23 September on the occasion of the recent release Fantozzi, Accountant Ugo. The (ir)resistible rise of a born loser, by Guido Pautasso and Irene Stucchi. Guido, thanks to his father Sergio … Read more

Oregon TV arrives this Saturday at its 600th program

In January 2008, Aragón TV premiered ‘Oregón TV’, a program starring a group of young actors from the land who came willing to laugh and make the viewers laugh by turning the clichés upside down. 600 episodes and fourteen years later, they have given shape to a very recognizable type of humor, the Oregonian one, … Read more

«Speak in a low voice», the documentary arrives at the Turin Film Festival

The documentary “Speak low voice” by Esmeralda Calabria, will be presented at the 40th Turin Film Festival in the official selection in the Italian Documentaries section out of competition. The official screening will be held on Sunday 27 November at 5 pm at Cinema Greenwich 3, where reruns are scheduled for Monday 28 at 7 … Read more

Che tempo che fa turns 20, Mara Maionchi arrives at the Rai 3 talk show table

Che Tempo Che Fa, the Rai 3 talk show celebrates 20 years and is back on the air from Sunday 9 October. Fabio Fazio hires Mara Maionchi. Come back What’s the weather likethe popular talk show from Rai. On Sunday evening of Rai 3 the program conducted by the journalist is now a regular and … Read more

Deepfake: After Bruce Willis, Jason Statham arrives

Jason Statham is an English actor known for playing characters in action and thriller films, which are usually ‘hard‘. Statham knows Chinese martial arts, kickboxing and karate, AND was a member of the Great Britain national diving team. jason statham.jpg Jason Statham transcended as Frank Martin in the Transporter trilogy (2002-2008). “The script is a … Read more