‘Parodied art’: graphic parody as a source of knowledge of an era

In the consideration of artistic genres, caricature did not begin to be appreciated until well into the 19th centurymore as a practical exercise for those who were beginning to train in the Fine Arts, to perfect drawing and explore new expressive formulas. Although already since the Renaissance great masters, such as Leonardo da Vincihad been … Read more

Coralie Camilli and Jérome Le Banner, a couple united in the art of combat

It is said that opposites attract. But first you have to agree on what you believe, then on what you see. Coralie Camilli, thirty-year-old Corsican, doctor of philosophy, studies the Talmud and the Hagakure, or the Bible of the samurai, and takes herself very seriously. She weighs 42 kilograms. His partner is kickboxer Jérôme Le … Read more

Who is Art the clown, the horror movie character whose stories cause fainting and vomiting


Terrifier is an independent feature film written, edited and directed by Damien Leone. Art the clown is not just any character. Once we see one of his movies there is no chance of forgetting them. It’s not for everyone, delicate stomachs and people who are easily shocked shouldn’t go near the three films where he … Read more

Contemporary art: William Kentridge, total and unclassifiable artist


Iimpressive: that’s the first word that comes to mind to describe the 40-year retrospective of works by South African artist William Kentridge at the Royal Academy of Art in London. William Kentridge is one of the most productive and internationally recognized artists. Artist pampered by the biennials, multi-awarded, his drawings, his animated films, denouncing political … Read more

The French seventh art continues betting on the comedy genre, this time showing the funny side of comics


The genre of comedy from the French Seventh Art, has and continues to be very successful among the public and critics, in and outside France, whose box office records have been very well seen throughout the 20th century and so far in the 21st. . Gustavo Velutini Luning @cinefilo50 One of the current comedies of … Read more

Martine Syms, the filmmaker who takes a scathing look at the art world


Item number October 26, 2022 Her production is protean, her inspirations know no bounds: Martine Syms is today a key figure in contemporary art, exhibited from London to New York. Unveiled at the New Directors festival in Portugal in April and then released in theaters last September, his latest feature film The African Desperate draws … Read more

“Viking” or the art of pretending to be what you are not


Who hasn’t wanted to be someone else, even for a moment? It is this idea that director Stéphane Lafleur explores in his latest feature film, viking, a sci-fi-flavored comedy-drama about five ordinary people recruited to collaborate on the first manned mission to Mars. These will become astronauts during a simulation. Their goal is to form … Read more

two Catalyst shows at the Mad Murate Art District in Florence

In the month of September Pleased to Meet You, the exhibition organized by Catalyst, as part of the Estate Fiorentina, is al Mad Murate Art District (piazza delle Murate, Florence) with two important theater appointments: 23 (8.45pm) and 24 (19.45pm) “Beasts of the ‘900”From the text by Aldo Palazzeschi, with adaptation and direction by Riccardo … Read more

The art of being a parent in the 21st century as seen by Jean Epstein (52)


On the occasion of professional meetings of early childhood, Jean Epstein, a psychosociologist, gave two conferences, one for professionals and the other for parents, on changes in the family. The second was less followed but just as listened to. For two years, the professional meetings of early childhood, in Chaumont, are open to families, for … Read more