his sister Claudette attacks Valérie Lemercier, “She refused the meeting”

What’s next after this ad NEWSLETTERS fun, news, tips… what else? In the book Céline Dion, the real story, which we were able to consult, Claudette Dion, the sister of Céline Dion, attacks Valérie Lemercier again. Alinethe film freely inspired by the life of Celine Dionstrongly reacted to the singer’s entourage when it was released … Read more

“The dance of the damned”: between parodies and attacks, the discussion of the PEF 2023 reserves in Deputies took place

By Jose Gerardo Mejia The PAN caucus, tired of being labeled as cursed since last March by the deputy of the Labor Party, Benjamin Robles Montoyadecided to respond from the rostrum in the same tone, which restarted the mud war in the legislative chamber of Saint Lazarus. The plenary session, scheduled to discuss 2,264 reservations … Read more

Cyril Hanouna: a comedian violently attacks the host and TPMP, it’s hot!


Obviously, Cyril Hanouna and the whole gang of “TPMP” have a knack for make enemies. Is Sébastien Thoen now on Baba’s list of enemies? One would be tempted to answer in the affirmative to the not very complimentary remarks made by the comedian against the troublemaker of C8 and its chroniclers. Words that are similar … Read more

Cagliari, robbery and attacks a young man in the street but the police stop him


Famous Sardinians: actor, comedian, stand-up comedian and author, Benito Urgu, sympathy for power. Oristano, born of Bosan parents, has worked and still works with well-known personalities of the Italian show business, often performing with his character-speck: he is one of the greatest living island artists. Most recently he has worked on the hit film The … Read more

Proofpoint: Cyber ​​espionage, TA453 launches a series of attacks against several Western personalities, all specialized in the analysis of public policies in the Middle East


Proofpoint cybersecurity researchers have published new intelligence on the activities of the TA453 group, a threat actor linked to the Iranian state, and also known as “Charming Kitten”, “PHOSPHORUS” or “APT42”. . The group has been observed targeting individuals specializing in the analysis of public and political affairs in the Middle East, nuclear security and … Read more

In Brussels, a trial of unprecedented scale to judge the attacks of 2016


The isolation boxes for the accused in the Justitia building, in Brussels, where the trial of the attacks of March 22, 2016 will be held. Here, September 6, 2022. DIRK WAEM / AFP Eight to ten months. The expected duration of the assize trial which is due to open on Monday, September 12, in Brussels, … Read more

November 13: a poignant book plunges us into the heart of the trial of the attacks

Louise Bernard and Solene Delinger 11:49 a.m., September 08, 2022modified to 11:51 a.m., September 08, 2022 Folder V13 offers a fascinating and poignant dive into the months of trial of the attacks of November 13. An extraordinary trial, as we have often said, that Azzeddine Ahmed-Chaouch followed for the show Daily by Yann Barthes. Valentin … Read more

Justice. Trèbes and Carcassonne attacks in 2018: seven people will be tried at the assizes


A trial at the assizes was ordered for seven people suspected of having helped to varying degrees the author of the Trèbes and Carcassonne attacks in 2018, who had killed four people, including Constable Arnaud Beltrame, before being shot dead by the gendarmes. Radouane Lakdim, killed during the GIGN attack on a supermarket in Trèbes … Read more

“We are not illegal”: Cyril Hanouna responds to Booba’s attacks on Shauna Events


Cyril Hanouna in “Don’t touch my post” on August 29, 2022 C8 screenshot Monday evening, for the return of “Touche pas à mon poste” live on C8, the host replied to Mr. Patrick Klugman about the rapper’s fight against Magali Berdah’s company, owned by Banijay in which he is a shareholder. Cyril Hanouna received Me. … Read more