If you liked (or not) Babylon, here are 11 equally electric behind

Dusk Boulevard (1950), by Billy Wilder babylon is a film about the rise and fall of a certain era in Hollywood. Dusk Boulevard is its perfect black counterpart, playing on the decadence and oblivion of a former star who has become paranoid, embittered and diabolical. Billy Wilder signs here one of his greatest films and … Read more

‘Babylon’ (★★), the orgy factory and other releases of the week

These are the movie premieres that hit the screens starting on January 20: Directed by: Damien ChazelleCast: Margot Robbie, Brad Pitt, Diego Calva, Jean SmartProduction: USA, 2022. Drama There are no traces of humility in ‘Babylon’ and yes, instead (and in abundance), an exacerbated, torrential megalomania… By Jordi Batlle Caminal It is the most famous … Read more

In the Hollywood jungle of “Babylon”, by Damien Chazelle

After three brilliant films exploring the world of music (whiplash), the musical (La La Land) and the conquest of space (first-manbiopic on Neil Armstrong), the young Canadian phoenix Damien Chazelle is reborn from his ashes for a trip to the Hollywood of the 1920s with babylona grandiloquent choral work with undeniable plastic qualities, mixed with … Read more