Beto Ortiz launches a parody about Sigrid Bazán in the same style as Shakira and Bizarrap [VIDEO]

MOCKS. beto ortizduring his program ‘Beto a Saber’ on Willax TV, his criticism of the congresswoman did not go unnoticed Sigrid Bazan and he dedicated a parody to it in the same style as the song by Shakira and Bizarrap against Gerard Piqué. The journalist assured that this is a tribute to the legislator. READ … Read more

No, La República did not report on the alleged inclusion of Sigrid Bazán in the Prosecutor’s investigation

Through Twitter and Facebook circulates a publication that apocryphally uses the name of the newspaper La República. According to the viral post, the IDL-Reporteros media outlet would have reported a possible inclusion of the congresswoman Sigrid Bazan in the investigations of the Prosecutor’s Office to the nephews of President Pedro Castillo. However, this is a … Read more