Carnival in the Canary Islands 2023: the most beautiful parties

To the islands of the archipelago of Canaries the Carnival it is a very heartfelt event. All the islands, cities and towns (even the smallest ones) come alive with music and celebrations. The legendary Carnival of Las Palmas of Gran Canaria, or that of Santa Cruz de Tenerifeare just some of the most famous. The … Read more

Dress up as Sandra, I’ll be your Raimondo! The most beautiful love story of Italian TV.

«Raimondo and Sandra. Sandra and Raymond. You can’t talk about one and leave out the other. A total union that of most iconic among Italian couples. More than 50 years of career side by side, between the spotlights of the stages and the home. They were the great-uncles of modern Italian television, champions of sitcoms … Read more

The most beautiful films of 2022 to be absolutely recovered

At the cinema, but also on platforms, here are the films to watch or catch up on, some brand new and others less so, which have marked this second half of 2022. A Family Vice (L’origine du mal). Directed by Sebastien Marnier, with Laure Calamy, Jacques Weber, Dominique Blanc, Suzanne Clement (film, in cinemas, from … Read more

To the city of cinema “Verticalman”, a beautiful fact all made in Foggia

Stato Quotidiano, 23 December 2022. He arrived in the room at the city ​​of Cinema “Verticalman – history of a vertical man”, on the bill from 24 December. The premiere of the film was presented on December 21, a completely “made in Foggia” production – underlines the director Roberto Moretto – which speaks of Foggia, … Read more

“Once upon a time”, the beautiful tribute paid to the monks

While France never stops dechristianizing, the monks continue – if not to make people dream – at least to intrigue. Hence this magnificent special issue of Current valuesnicely titled: “The monks, once upon a time”. The architect, Arnaud Folch, is not known to haunt sacristies. And yet, he says, “My father makes frequent retreats in … Read more

Ultraman, Viking… The five most beautiful discoveries of the Utopiales 2022

We were at Utopiales 2022, and we saw a lot of beautiful things there. Small selection. Each year, the Utopiales international science fiction festival brings together science enthusiasts, gamers (of board games, role-playing games or video games), bookworms, collectors, curious people of all kinds and moviegoers in Nantes. After 22 editions, the event still manages … Read more

40 anecdotes grandioses sur « My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy », le chef d’œuvre de Kanye West

1. Kanye West souhaitait que la pochette de My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy soit « la plus provocatrice possible ». Pris d’inspiration, l’artiste-peintre George Condo a ainsi créé, non pas une, mais cinq illustrations différentes : un homme noir nu chevauché par une créature blanche sans bras, une ballerine inspirée par la danseuse française Sylvie … Read more

‘The great Maurice’, illusion as an entrance to a beautiful failure

How do you know you can’t do something if you don’t try? That’s the idea behind The great Mauricea British film that hit theaters last Friday and tells the amazing true story of Maurice Flitcrofta crane operator who came to dispute the british open without ever having completed the course of a field of Golf. … Read more

Discover the most beautiful costumes of Isabelle Adjani in an exhibition

Until December 3, 2022, the Passage Pierre Passebon gallery is honoring Isabelle Adjani through her most beautiful period costumes in cinema and theater. A unique exhibition on the occasion of the broadcast of the TV movie Diana of Poitiers by Josée Dayan, on November 7 and 14 on France 2, in which the French actress … Read more