Beto Ortiz launches a parody about Sigrid Bazán in the same style as Shakira and Bizarrap [VIDEO]

MOCKS. beto ortizduring his program ‘Beto a Saber’ on Willax TV, his criticism of the congresswoman did not go unnoticed Sigrid Bazan and he dedicated a parody to it in the same style as the song by Shakira and Bizarrap against Gerard Piqué. The journalist assured that this is a tribute to the legislator. READ … Read more

You will die of laughter with the parody that the Cuban Lola Mento does to Shakira and Bizarrap

The Cuban youtuber known as “Lola Mento” causes a sensation on social networks with her parody of the new hit by Shakira and Bizarrap. In recent days, there has been no talk on social networks of anything other than Shakira’s most recent success, Music Sessions #53. This, above all, due to the controversy that has … Read more

Eugenio Derbez recreated a funny parody of the Shakira and Bizarrap music video against Piqué

The actor and comedian Eugenio Derbez is one of the most recognized Mexicans in Hollywood, since his talent allowed him to scale internationally and that means that any statement he shares is taken into account by public opinion. The Mexican has participated in large projects and is one of the most recognized actors worldwide. – … Read more

They are just like you: Alessandra Rosaldo parodies the Derbez with the song by Shakira and Bizarrap

If something characterizes the Derbez family is comedy and more than one admirer of Eugenio, AlessandraAislinn, Vadhir, José Eduardo and Antiana awaited his reaction to the new song of Shakira Y bizarrewhich sends a powerful message to his ex-partner, the soccer player Gerard Piqué. It may interest you: Piqué’s response to Shakira after a hard … Read more

Queen Sofía responds to Juan Carlos I in the parody of the Shakira and Bizarrap session more campe

as soon as the Session of Bizarrap and Shakira upon Gerard Piqué, everyone thought the same thing: Sofía, warm up that you are going out. What started as a joke has become reality, halfway. The program socialite has parodied the famous song but sung from the point of view of the Queen Sofia and addressed … Read more

In one day they already have a parody of the Shakira and Bizarrap song: see it here

The new session of the Argentine music producer Bizarrap with the singer-songwriter from Barranquilla Shakira continues to give people something to talk about on social networks and in public opinion in general. The song, which to date has already managed to reach 60 million views on YouTube in less than two days, became the most … Read more

Shakira insults Piqué in the song with Bizarrap, honored by Dybala: the brands brought up respond

We had loved each other so much. Shakira plays them in rhymes in Piqué. After having told all his suffering in the single “Monotony“, the Colombian singer-songwriter strikes back and (in collaboration with the record producer Bizarraphonored with a cap by Roma’s Argentine striker, Paulo Dybalaauthor of the match-goal against Genoa in the Italian Cup) … Read more

‘Polònia’ parodies the song by Shakira and Bizarrap with the “discarded verses” about Piqué

Polandthe satirical program of TV3, He has done it again and has reacted in record time to one of the most important viral moments of recent times: Shakira and Bizarrap’s song about Gerard Piqué and his new girlfriend, Clara Chía. A topic with more than 60 million views in 24 hours and that is on … Read more