Imitation contest, Bigflo and Oli boosted, new rule … Behind the scenes of the blind auditions of “The Voice”

Zazie, Amel Bent, Bigflo, Vianney and Oli during the recording of the blind auditions for season 12 of “The Voice”, soon on TF1 Alex Sarmiento / Bureau233 for TF1 WE WERE THERE – Since last Monday in the studios of Lendit in Saint-Denis, in the Paris region, the teams of ITV Studios France have been … Read more

‘Barbarian’ And 9 Other Unpredictable Movies You Should Go Blind For

There’s a good argument to be made that every movie had better go into it knowing very little. If a movie goes in unexpected directions with regards to its storyline, characters, or genres, it’s obviously nice to walk into a movie not knowing such things. Plus, with trailers, rumors, and social media sometimes revealing a … Read more