Blogs | Healthcare 4.0: dehumanization continues

After having devastated the coasts and landscapes of the former Bel Paese thanks to the overbuilding wild, the Italian political corporation (above all the regional one) began to look for new territory to be used for looting. An obligatory choice: the healthcare, i.e. the first item in the budget of all regional bodies. An operation … Read more

Blogs | Oriana Fallaci, fiction is an embarrassing parody without depth

I don’t like shooting the Red Cross, and The Orianathe RaiUno fiction on the figure of Oriana Fallacihas already been targeted by a lot of criticism. But I really can’t shut up in the face of yet another havoc of Italian television series, this time aggravated by the simplification of such an important character in … Read more

Blogs | “Wednesday” phenomenon, people like it

Number 1: Wednesday is beautiful. Thin, dark, bewitching, perpetually sulky, with the chicken-ass mouth that teenagers (and many women) dream of, even with a few freckles, the kind that girls place on their noses with apps to retouch photos. Number 2: Wednesday is sought after and disputed from the coolest of the bigoncio, the sly … Read more