Daniel Craig became obsessed with his muscles in James Bond (and why he doesn’t go shirtless in Glass Onion)

With “No time to die” in the rearview, Can we all agree that “Casino Royale” is the best Bond movie? If it weren’t for the 2006 reboot, Sean Connery would still be the undisputed King Bond and, who knows, maybe the notorious super-spy and his decades-old franchise would have faded as society moved into modernity. … Read more

Orphaned by Queen Elizabeth, James Bond adjusts to the new scenario

Even James Bond had to cope with the death of Elizabeth II, who began serving faithfully in 1962. The agent with a license to kill, or rather the producers of his films, have found a way to continue the saga without the queen . The recent passing of the Queen Elizabeth II of England it … Read more

Why Timothy Dalton’s James Bond Failed Despite Incredible Films | Pretty Reel

Despite being a Bond fantasy, Timothy Dalton’s James Bond movies never did as the studio had hoped. Timothy Dalton, 41, took over from Roger Moore, 58, as 007 in 1987’s The Living Daylights, which felt like a revitalization of the franchise after Moore’s aging Bond films bordered on self-parody. To counter the overt comedic tone … Read more

James Bond: 10 unpopular opinions on Daniel Craig’s Bond films, according to Reddit | Pretty Reel

The Knives Out sequel, Glass Onion, is due out later this month, and now Daniel Craig has revealed he enjoys making Glass Onion more than Spectre. Although it sounds like an odd comparison, both movies star Dave Bautista, and they both apparently had a much better experience on the new film. Craig explained: “You could … Read more

Roger Moore’s Wild and Undone James Bond Movie About the Pope | Pretty Reel

While Roger Moore’s James Bond had some goofy adventures, none of them were as controversial as John Landis’ draft of The Spy Who Loved Me. Although James Bond has embarked on some wild adventures, none of them are as ridiculous – or potentially controversial – as director John Landis’ rejected pitch for The Spy Who … Read more

This is not your usual James Bond vodka campaign

However, Craig was helped by JaQuel Knightthe legendary choreographer of Beyoncéon an original song that Waititi’s better half, the singer Rita oraand the British rapper Giggs they recorded specifically for the commercial: a collaborative work that the director described as surprisingly natural. “I often forget that I am with a very talented person who knows … Read more

‘Millennium’: the hit inspired by James Bond that Robbie Williams considers ‘class B’

A Robert WilliamsMillennium does not like much. He considers it to be one of his ‘B-class’ songs. It is not known if his letter has any meaning. But it doesn’t matter because “it’s fun”. It is inspired by james-bond, on the theme created by John Barry for ‘You only live twice’, the fifth installment of … Read more

Roger Moore, el actor de James Bond que fue golpeado por dos esposas y no aceptó actuar junto al ladrón del siglo

De joven no le veían futuro como actor. Su primer agente le dijo que como no era tan bueno, que sonriera mucho. Se casó a los 18 por primera vez y por última a los 73. La paz conyugal no existió en su vida, aunque aseguró encontrarla en su último matrimonio junto a Kiki. Si … Read more

Hace 60 años nació James Bond y una marca que es hoy un imperio

“Bond contaba la historia en términos sencillos, con hombres buenos y hombres malos, como una historia de aventuras sacada de un libro”. – Ian Fleming, Dr. No (1958) “El Dr. No” es una película sencilla, rodada con un presupuesto muy bajo, protagonizada por un desconocido, basada en el sexto libro de la serie y estrenada … Read more