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Satirical comedy written and directed by Paul-Eloi Forget and Samuel Valensi, with June Assal, Michel Derville, Lison Favard (alternating with Emelyne Chirol), Paul-Eloi Forget, Valérie Moinet and Samuel Valensi. Satirical comedy about the workings of our democracy, “Cuts“highlights by example how the public is most often excluded from democratic debate even when they think … Read more

6 books to get to know Arbois better, the city of Louis Pasteur, city of Jura wines

By Frank Mannoni Published on 7 Jan 23 at 9:04 Voice of the Jura See my news Follow this media Alice Chazerand, from Le Hamac bookstore, in Arbois. (© Voice of the Jura) Where more surely to find books on Arbois than in Arbois itself, at the The Hammock bookstorewhich has on its shelves a … Read more

Christmas gifts offers Books in company

Christmas Strenne proposes Books in company Christmas strenne offers Books in the company of… Wednesday 28 December 2022 Palazzo Elena Pietracaprina 4 pm Strenne di Natale proposes Books in company, a review dedicated to the presentation of good books, organized by the Municipality of Borghetto S. Spirito, City that reads 2022, with the conduct of … Read more


NIGHT STUDIES: LEO FELIPE IN BUENOS AIRES This Friday Leo Felipe disembarks in Buenos Aires to continue expanding the party auto-ethnography of “Universal History of the After”, the book recently published by Caja Negra. At the meeting, local activities will be carried out with “Estudios de la Noche”, a series of activations where the lines … Read more

Holocaust books including ‘Maus’ removed from some Missouri schools

JTA – The work Maus by Art Spiegelman, as well as six books on the Holocaust aimed at young people, are among the hundreds of books that some school districts in Missouri have removed from their shelves since the beginning of the school year. The list of books taken off the shelves was released Wednesday … Read more

The bibliography with the works of Leonardo Sciascia among books, novels and more

Among the curiosities about the great Sicilian writers here is the bibliography with all works by Leonardo Sciascia among books, novels, essays, collections of short stories and other various publications. The writer originally from Ralcalmuto (in the province of Agrigento) in his life he has published more than 50 works with various publishers, from the … Read more

A decade of the label that publishes the books that nobody would publish

Without a hint of arrogance or pedantry, Ata Lassalle affirms that the publishing house she founded ten years ago, Autsaider Comics, is dedicated to publishing “the books that, a priori, nobody would make known.” The label founded in Llubí –although Lassalle warns that it does not have a physical headquarters– began its journey with Rojo, … Read more