The Boys’ Secret History Redefines the Meaning of Boy Soldier Death | Pretty Reel

While Homelander might be the name that comes to mind when The Boys’ superhuman villains are mentioned, Soldier Boy’s Secret History reveals that if not for the franchise’s Captain America parody, there would be no supe-killing team for Billy Butcher to lead first place. Indeed, the first version of Soldier Boy is the one that … Read more

The Boys Do A Dig At Justice League Snyder Cut & Spider

While jokingly announcing a Dawn of the Seven re-release, The Boys’ Twitter account takes aim at the Snyder Cut re-release and Spider-Man: No Way Home. The boys’ Twitter account takes aim at the Synder Cut and Spider-Man: No Way Home re-release. Based on the comic book series of the same name by Garth Ennis and … Read more

The Boys season 4: cast, release date, latest news… everything you need to know about the next season


The series, a bloody satire of the world of Superheroes, is a huge success. Filming for season 4 has already started, but we will have to wait a few more months before it is released on Amazon Prime Video. Over the seasons The Boys (adaptation of the American comic book of the same name) has … Read more

Visions. “The Boys 3”: a ramshackle season finale


A disarming anodyne writing Antony Starrtaking on the role of Patriot, represents the sad parody of a superhero. The perpetually grim face, the annoyed look, the clumsy stars and stripes costume worn like a uniform, make him look like a South American dictator of the seventies. The third season of The Boys 3 it is … Read more

‘The Boys’ begins filming for Season 4 and announces the title of the first chapter


The fourth season of ‘The Boys’ is already underway. This has been confirmed by its showrunner, Eric Kripke, who through a Twitter post has shared the good news and the title of the first episode. As can be read in the publication, the chapter will be called ‘Department of Dirty Tricks’, something like ‘Department of … Read more

The Boys parodies Batman with new posters of the third season


The Boys parodies Batman with new posters of the third season When it comes to TheBoys (95%)Amazon never misses the opportunity to launch some references to other superhero franchises and this week takes advantage of it to join the euphoria of Batman (85%). The third season of the series is getting closer and the publicity … Read more

Series / The Boys (season 3): review | CineChronicle


Synopsis: It was a quiet year. The Protector is subdued, Butcher works for the government, supervised by Hughie. But these two men are eager to turn that peace and tranquility into blood and bone. When The Boys learn of the existence of a mysterious weapon capable of destroying a super, an upheaval within the Seven … Read more

The Boys: These Incredible New Superheroes Are Joining Season 4


After the success of season 3 of The Boys, Premium Video does it again with a fourth series of episodes expected in the course of the year 2023. To help fans wait, the satirical fiction presents his two new recruits, Sister Sage and Firecracker. What should you know about them? The Boys : a season … Read more

The Boys 3: Could Jensen Ackles have been Captain America before Soldier Boy?


The new episodes of the hit series will be streaming on Prime Video from 3 June. It is known that the news takes little to make the rounds of the web, whether true or false. It has been said and written that Jensen Acklesfamous face of the series Supernaturalauditioned for the role of Steven Rogers … Read more

The Boys: Gen V, the spinoff against Marvel this time: ‘It will be a parody of the X


Great excitement at the announcement of Gen V.the first live-action spinoff that will expand the universe of The Boys after the huge success of the Prime show. If the main series served as a parody of DC’s Justice League, the college-themed spinoff will target Marvel’s X-Men, Eric Kripke reveals. For now we are still enjoying … Read more