A brain implant gives speech to a paralyzed man

“summer”, a paralyzed patient silently responds to the question “what is your favorite time of year” displayed on the screen. The display of these few apparently simple words is the result of a technical feat published in the journal NatureCommunications by researchers at the University of California in San Francisco (USA). Because the man cannot … Read more

Golf at the service of your personal development: Sculpting your brain and your swing

The swing is built from an intention, that of freeing your brain from any parasite to keep only the essence of the movement in the direction of a target. Beyond the obstacles, be determined to free your body from its gangue. Commit fully to your goal, like Rory flying in the Ryder Cup above the … Read more

But what the brain tells us / Direct streaming of the film on Channel 5


But what does the brain tell us, streaming the film on Channel 5 But what does the brain tell us is a film that fits “between spy story and parody, Paola Cortellesi declares war on decay”. With these words Andrea Fornasiero introduces the film on MyMovies with two stars out of the five made available … Read more