Movistar Plus+ movie premieres in December: Nicolas Cage at his best, extended version of Spider

We already have the list of films that will arrive in December on Movistar Plus+. Quality titles, some exclusive, for the last month of the year. The platform Movistar Plus+ has made a long list films premiere in december. The metafilm of Nicolas Cagethe extended version of the last of the spider-mana thriller with Liam … Read more

“The unbearable weight of immense talent”: To see or not to see comedy with Nicolas Cage and Pedro Pascal? | REVIEW

Although no one tells him, Nicolas Cage is no longer the same as before. And the American actor knows it. Maybe that’s why when one day his agent, Richard Fink (Neil Patrick Harris), tells him that one of his fans is willing to pay a million dollars for him to visit him during a party … Read more

Criticism: ‘The unbearable weight of enormous talent’, Nicolas Cage signs up for the parody about his career

Related news Ten years had passed since Hollywood knocked on Nicolas Cage’s door. to star in a movie when he had the opportunity to laugh at himself and exploit the recurring joke that had become the career of an actor with a dozen blockbusters and an Oscar at home. The result, The Incredible Weight of … Read more

Nicolas Cage or the lucrative ridicule of the Hollywood macho

It can’t be easy being Nicolas Cage. Not Tom Cruise. And let’s not even mention Johnny Depp. Imagine that millions of human beings have paid to see your face at a colossal size on movie screens around the world. It doesn’t have to be easy to manage, no. They swell to make money, true, but … Read more

15 Best Nicolas Cage Movies, According To Rotten Tomatoes

Because he’s famous for making bad movies, a lot of moviegoers forget Nicolas Cage’s best movies. The gems are hidden among the endless slew of direct-to-video stinkers and phoned-and-formulated B-actors, but they’re there. Cage is an Oscar winner who has worked with legendary directors such as the Coen brothers and Martin Scorsese. He can do … Read more

You never have to watch a Nicolas Cage movie, do you?

ECB rate hike, gasoline for three euros a liter, Russia winning the war, inflation at 8%, stagnant salaries, Algeria and Morocco touching their noses, ‘Survivors’ that doesn’t end, Bertín Osborne’s tour. What else can happen to us? Well, it has happened to us: Nicolas Cage (a meme turned actor) premieres a movie. As if that … Read more