Angelo Zedda, from the Cagliari Calcio commercial to the Isola di Pietro

Rossoblù fans know him very well because he is the testimonial of the famous Cagliari Calcio commercial: Every damn Sunday. But for Angelo Zedda – a long apprenticeship in the world of acting which began way back in 1996 – the first real professional satisfactions came a few years ago, with the landing on the … Read more

To Quelli che il calcio comes the parody of Serena Bortone

The folded hands, the printed smile, the expressions and even the vocal timbre. There is everything in the parody of Serena Bortone made by Barbara Foria in the episode of Those who football broadcast today 10 January 2021. She introduces herself as the host of a broadcast (just happened to be called Today is another … Read more