Pablo Motos slaps Irene Montero for defaming him in an advertising campaign

More information hart of lies Irene Montero. Paul Motorcyclesthe presenter of ‘El Hormiguero’ (Antenna 3)went out on the night of November 24, 2022 to leave the Minister of Equality not only at the feet of the horses, but also to brand her as a liar. All as a result of an advertising campaign launched by … Read more

New awareness campaign against clandestine deposits: “We want to reduce this feeling of impunity”

Mark clandestine deposits as on a crime scene. The new Bruxelles-Propreté and Fost Plus campaign aims to increase citizens’ awareness of these deposits. Camila Pilotto, spokesperson for Bruxelles-Propreté, tells us about it this Friday at 12:30 p.m. ► Our report: Clandestine deposits: complaints and fines are increasing in the Brussels Region As a reminder, waste … Read more

This is not your usual James Bond vodka campaign


However, Craig was helped by JaQuel Knightthe legendary choreographer of Beyoncéon an original song that Waititi’s better half, the singer Rita oraand the British rapper Giggs they recorded specifically for the commercial: a collaborative work that the director described as surprisingly natural. “I often forget that I am with a very talented person who knows … Read more

Rehabilitators and alcoholics call for the immediate withdrawal of the latest government campaign: “It is disrespectful”


Government advertising campaigns continue to add controversy. However, these are no longer confined to the Ministry of Equality directed by Irene Montero. In full escalation of electricity and gas prices, the Executive has launched an insane campaign in which it makes a parody of traditional Alcoholics Anonymous meetings to brand consumers as “wasteful”something that has … Read more

A campaign parodies the delays of the Mediterranean corridor ensuring that it is done by “issues” like collectibles


The #Iwantcorridor campaigndriven by the Valencian Association of Entrepreneurs since 2016, to demand the construction of the mediterranean corridorhas thrown a ‘advertising spot parodying the continuous delays in the execution of the railway infrastructure. In the 20 seconds of the ad, a father and his daughter appear who are dedicated to “collect” the delays of … Read more

Huge campaign spending and violence? Participatory application, the streamer aims for change.


Given the record amount of money being spent this midterm election season, mostly by political heavyweights, and with very real fears that any result of Tuesday’s tally could be challenged, however violently, is it surprising that many potential voters feel completely excluded? It’s a problem that tech-savvy entrepreneurs and a board of political party members … Read more

Tres Cantos joins the campaign to promote Foster Care in the Community of Madrid


I International Congress of Comedy. Humor, media and networks: multimodality and transferability It takes place on October 17 and 18 Previously, seven national congresses have been held on this subject The Autonomous University of Madrid organize your I International Congress of Comedy. Humor, media and networks: multimodality and transferability, on October 17 and 18. We … Read more

The Bridgertons play bingo in this Paddy Power campaign


Paddy Power is inspired by The Bridgertons in a new and humorous campaign to sell the benefits of their new online bingo service. They’ve never really gone out of style, but period dramas have definitely taken on a new lease of life with the invaluable help of The Bridgertonsthe successful Netflix series set in the … Read more

Does EDF use 100,000 illuminated billboards for its campaign to reduce energy consumption?


A message published by a parody account, on Twitter, and taken up in the first degree on other social networks, suggested that the company uses thousands of screens to call for less consumption. This number is not sourced. For several days, many Internet users have been sharing a claim on social networks that “EDF uses … Read more

Blog | We finally got rid of this election campaign!


On voting day, I propose some reflections on how this rapid and unprecedented one went overall election campaign. Without taking part, of course. Saturation. It was short, the shortest of all, they repeat. Yet it seemed to us very long, infinite. Because? Why are we fed up rotten. They chased us, almost persecuted us. They … Read more