“Those of us who saw chapter 13 of El Privilegio de Mandar were very disappointed”: Carlos Pozos

The Analysis Board questioned the duration of just 15 minutes and 7 sketches which in its recent issuance was described as bored and lack of humorwith nothing to invite laughter This program reflected a clear tendency to hit Mario Delgado, National President of MORENA He highlighted the mockery of the refusal to appear before Congress … Read more

Carlos Álvarez proud of his political parodies: “The Government gives me many supplies” | INTERVIEW

Carlos Álvarez is a Peruvian humorist, recognized for imitating different personalities of the country. (Photo: Instagram/@humorismo_peru) Carlos Alvarez humorously take latest political events that happen in the country. After hearing huayno sing Dina Boluarte during his participation in the Council of Ministers in Huancayodecided to make a funny parody of the Vice President of the … Read more

‘Paquetel’, ‘Yulian’ and ‘La Tía Michel’: This was Carlos Álvarez’s parody of Ethel Pozo and Julián’s wedding


‘Paquetel’, ‘Yulian’ and ‘La Tía Michel’: This was Carlos Álvarez’s parody of Ethel Pozo and Julián’s wedding. (Youtube) There are only a few days left for the dream to come true. Ethel Well. And it is that, the great wedding of the daughter of Gisela Valcárcel with the producer Julian Alexander will take place next … Read more

Carlos Álvarez prepares parody of the Minister for Women after being criticized for imitating the first lady


Carlos Álvarez will imitate the Minister for Women. (Photo: Composition) Carlos Alvarez announced through its social networks that it will present an imitation of the Minister for Women, Diana Miloslavich. But, this publication on his social networks was made just a few hours after being harshly criticized by said ministry for his recent parody of … Read more

Carlos Chavira parody viral video of Anahí and her enfrijoladas


Young people between 16 and 24 years of age are the users who use the Chinese social network the most today. Since 2021, TikTok managed to finally exceed the barrier of one billion users globally. On TikTok, Carlos Chavira has an audience of 2.8 million and a cumulative audience of 32.9 million. Carlos Chavira, who … Read more

Dayanita reveals how the cast of ‘JB en ATV’ reacted to the return of Carlos Álvarez


Dayanita reveals how the cast of ‘JB en ATV’ reacted to the return of Carlos Álvarez | Youtube / Moloko Podcast The reunion between Carlos Alvarez Y Jorge Benavidez delighted thousands of viewers on the night of last Saturday, September 10, as the duo returned to TV after several years apart. The program ‘El Especial’ … Read more

The unknown past of Luis Miguel on Televisa that Carlos Espejel uncovered


The interpreter of “Chiquidrácula” revealed an unknown anecdote about the first years in the career of today’s super famous artist Carlos Espejel He is a renowned comedy actor who has been on the screen for decades, since he began his career at a very young age, when he was part of the cast of the … Read more

Brush with 2.5 cm of toothpaste and ironing of shoelaces: the signs of the apparent “manias” that King Carlos III would present


“I can’t stand this damn thing.” The anger shown on Tuesday by King Charles III at difficulties signing a document at a ceremony at Hillsborough Castle, problems with the ink in a fountain pen, and images of orders he gave to a task assistant that he himself could carry out brought to light signs of … Read more

“Jorge Benavides and Carlos Álvarez are spectacular”, affirms ‘Cachito’ Ramírez

Comedian Walter Ramirez ‘Cachito’said that it was spectacular to re-record the parody ‘Las pitucas de la Molina’, together with the imitators Jorge Benavidez Y Carlos Alvarezand which aired last Saturday. LOOK: Andrea San Martín and Sebastián Lizarzaburu would have separated “I was surprised when they called me to tell me that I was called to … Read more