Spanish Television once again ignores Encarna Sánchez, the most influential announcer of the entire 20th century

Spanish Television once again belittles the figure of Encarna Sánchez. The program ‘Lazos de sangre’ pays tribute to the radio with three men (Iñaki Gabilondo, Carlos Herrera and Luis del Olmo) and ignores the women communicators. The truth is that the relationship of the Almeria announcer with the state chain became rare after the broadcast … Read more

Les Simpson : Bienvenue au Club | Cartoons » 20th Century Studios

Publie le 27 octobre 2022 Bienvenue au Club est le huitième court-métrage dérivé de la série Les Simpson, le cinquième créé spécialement pour Disney+. Dans le prolongement des cartoons précédents, il mêle les principaux personnages des (Les) Simpson à ceux des univers Disney et Marvel. La série Les Simpson a été créée par Matt Groening … Read more

‘The Orville’, the parody of Star Trek that enters fully into the cultural war of the 21st century

The science fiction series enters fully into all the controversies of the cultural war that is being waged in the West Created by Seth Macfarlane has just finished its third season on Disney + From a science fiction perspective, it addresses issues such as machismo, transactivism, religious fundamentalism or populism Those who know about these … Read more

When Billie met Lisa | Cartoons » 20th Century Studios

Published on October 10, 2022 When Billie met Lisa is the seventh short film derived from The Simpsons series, as well as the fifth created especially for Disney+. This short film is special in that it centers on a celebrity: Billie Eilish. If the popularity of (The Simpsons is reflected in their audiences, it can … Read more

“Simone, the journey of the century”, the strong and moving biopic of Olivier Dahan

Would Olivier Dahan become the specialist in biopics? After La Môme on Edith Piaf and Grace of Monaco, he returns to the career of Simone Veil, entrusting the title role to Rebecca Marder and Elsa Zylberstein, who play the stateswoman at pivotal moments in her life. From her happy childhood in Nice – briefly depicted … Read more

Writers who marked Mexican literature in the 20th century


Mexican literature is often referred to as one of the most influential and important in the Spanish-speaking world. Due to its long history, it has gradually become a reference for various literary genres around the world. The most famous Mexican authors succeeded in reflecting the realities of their time: economic inequalities, political and cultural revolutions … Read more

The art of being a parent in the 21st century as seen by Jean Epstein (52)


On the occasion of professional meetings of early childhood, Jean Epstein, a psychosociologist, gave two conferences, one for professionals and the other for parents, on changes in the family. The second was less followed but just as listened to. For two years, the professional meetings of early childhood, in Chaumont, are open to families, for … Read more

Horse racing forecaster for half a century at the Journal d’Elbeuf, Edmond Pellerin has passed away


By Writing Elbeuf Published on Aug 17 ’22 at 9:44 The Journal of Elbeuf See my news Follow this media Edmond Pellerin at the Graignes racecourse in 2016. (©Archives) Father of Patrick, former editor-in-chief of the Journal d’Elbeuf, and Jean-Luc, journalist for Nouvelles de Falaise, Edmond Pellerin, alias Nirellep, was the horse racing forecaster for … Read more

There is a feminist in “Don Quixote”: the story of Marcela, the shepherdess who defended her freedoms in the 17th century


Illustration by Tony Johannot for a French edition of the book published in 1836. The voice of the main female characters in Don Quixote continues to deserve the greatest interest today. A few weeks ago, in Spain, an international colloquium dedicated to nothing less than Dulcineathat woman as perfect as imagined that Miguel de Cervantes … Read more

A century ago, Brazilian modernism was born, stimulating avant

This year marks a century since the birth of Brazilian modernism, one of the most stimulating and attractive avant-gardes on the American continent, especially for its long-term artistic consequences. It was foundational for the great poetry in the Portuguese language that was written and sung in Brazil from then on. It certainly had an impact … Read more