War in the time of social media: the Guarantor for the protection of children

The war in Ukraine confirms the old adage of a great Athenian playwright of the fifth century BC. We are talking about Aeschylus. The author states that during an armed conflict the first great victim is the truth. And how can you blame him? It is difficult to understand what the real trend of hostilities … Read more

From Aislinn to Aitana, this is how ALL the children of Eugenio Derbez look and who their mothers are | PHOTOS

Throughout his entire artistic career, Eugenio Derbez He stands out for his great sense of humor when it comes to acting. In addition to being an actor, Derbez has developed as a conductor, director and producer. During these years of his career, Derbez has had several sentimental relationships from which he had four children; Here … Read more

Eugenio Derbez and the luxurious collection of cars that his children would inherit

In response to the topic of the moment between Shakira and Bizarrap, Eugenio Derbez made a hilarious recreation with his current partner Alessandra Rosaldo. Echoing the incredible relationship of their children, as manifested in the parody, we decided to investigate the luxurious collection of cars that their heirs should also share tomorrow. Swipe to meet … Read more

Nino D’Angelo Biography (Wife and Children)

Gaetano D’Angelo, more affectionately known as Nino, was born into a working-class family in San Pietro a Patierno, a suburb of Naples, on June 21, 1957. The first of six children, Nino was fortunate enough to grow up surrounded by passionate music of his beloved homeland. His maternal grandfather, a great admirer of Neapolitan music, … Read more

“I have 2 or 3 nervous breakdowns a week”: Elodie Gossuin opens up like never before on the reality of her daily life as a mother of 4 children

No, it’s not Wonder Woman! Crowned Miss France in 2000, Elodie Gossuin made a brilliant and varied reconversion. Today, the beauty queen is a television presenter in the M6 ​​group. She hosts musical bonuses there like during the holiday season on M6, or Long live the campsite and The favorite holidays of the French on … Read more

Who is Donatella Raffai’s true story: age, where and when she was born, husband, children, illness, ex

Donatella Raffai (Rome, 8 September 1943) is an Italian television presenter and journalist. She is the second daughter of Admiral Antonio Raffai and Maria Jelardi, both of noble families, one from Veneto and the other from Campania, she is – on the maternal side – great-granddaughter of Senator Marquis Nicola Polvere. Born in Fabriano, where … Read more

Married with Children in the theater: the Argentos returned recharged and faithful to their style

Finally, the theatrical version of the hit comedy premiered at the Gran Rex, with the almost complete original cast and an experience that was lived like a party. A festive atmosphere, almost on the pitch, welcomes the Argentos at the Gran Rex in the theatrical debut of Married with children. The work, which had been … Read more

April Fool’s Day: how the story of a massacre of children ended up being a day for pranks

Drafting BBC News World December 28, 2022 image source, Getty Images Caption, The Massacre of the Innocents, by Lodovico Mazzolino, 1510-1530. Every December 28 in Spain and Latin America, people play pranks on each other and some media outlets publish false news for April Fools’ Day, or the Day of the Innocent Saints, as the … Read more

“Strange Rites” at the Christmas event. And the children run away in tears

A delicate mix between freedom of artistic expression, the legitimate desire of schools and families to protect minors, the opportunity for the administration to put the “hat” on edgy contents and the search for political opposition. Like a simple show could generate a cascade of indignant reactions, over the top comments and controversy this was … Read more