‘The White Lotus’ travels to Sicily to analyze the politics of sex in a second season inspired by Almodóvar’s cinema

Walking through Sicily implies looking at a complete catalog of testas di moro. Those pots and decorative vases that are part of its landscape recall the jealous revenge of a woman from Palermo who, more than a thousand years ago, when the Arabs ruled the place, cut off her lover’s head when she discovered that … Read more

The most controversial biopics in cinema: from Alexander the Great to Marilyn Monroe

It is true that on many occasions, fiction surpasses reality. But in the audiovisual industry, when some kind of biopic or film that has its simile in reality, it is inevitable to make some changes to adapt the story to the cinematographic language. A recent example is that of the Spanish film 42 secondswhich narrates … Read more

Premiere Look How They Run: An Entertaining Parody of Detective Cinema


no spoilers look how they run is the new Tom George movie with Sam Rockwell and Saoirse Ronan that hits theaters this Thursday. Meet our opinion WITHOUT SPOILERS. By Enzo Wheel 09/22/2022 – 19:28 UTC 09/22/2022 – 19:28 UTC © DisneyLook how they run opens: an entertaining parody of detective films. From this Thursday, September … Read more

Gucci pays homage to Stanley Kubrick’s cinema in the new Gucci Exquisite campaign


The new autumn-winter 2022-2023 campaign, Gucci Exquisite, it’s a tribute to director Stanley Kubrick (1928-1999), one of the best-known filmmakers in the history of cinema. Directed by photographers Met & Marcus and by the art director Christopher Simmondsthe collection reworks, mixes and reassembles the artist’s masterpieces, creating an original combination of fashion and cinema, with … Read more

The cinema outings of Wednesday September 14: Honorary Citizen, Coup de théâtre, Canaille… (VIDEO)


The holidays are now really behind us. Head in the handlebars, many of us need a good dose of humor. That’s good, cinemas have spread the word and are offering a week of releases frankly marked by comedy and humor. First of all, the event of the week is undoubtedly honorary citizen by Mohammad Hamidi. … Read more

‘Mostra internazionale del cinema di Bracciano’, recensione dei cortometraggi


Si è svolta nelle giornate del 10 e 11 settembre 2022, la prima edizione della Mostra internazionale del cinema di Bracciano. In queste due giornate di kermesse sono stati proiettati ben 23 cortometraggi provenienti da tutto il mondo. È una mostra creata dal collettivo Papermoon, costola di Gasp, che da oltre quattro anni opera sul … Read more

Quand Diderot fait son cinéma


1« Diderot a parlé de cinéma » : c’est le titre donné par Eisenstein en 1943 à une conférence devenue un essai qui compte dix-neuf pages dans sa tardive traduction française1 ; deux siècles plus tôt, l’intéressé rêvait : « Le spectateur [devrait être] au théâtre comme devant une toile où des tableaux divers ses succèderaient comme par enchantement2 ». 2Le premier … Read more

The corner of curiosities: Cinema


Cinema, the seventh art, is imaginary, vision, storytelling and entertainment, documentary reconstruction and work of fantasy, a place of sedimentation of dreams but also the seat of historical memory. (Carla Di Donato) Star Wars (1977) is the famous film of the director George Lucas. The Italian title translated the English expression Star wars and started … Read more

Elizabeth II: 70 years of reign that inspired cinema and television


5:38 p.m., September 9, 2022, amended to 6:47 p.m., September 9, 2022 There are people who become historic during their lifetime. Queen Elizabeth II was one of them. Many have tried to unravel her mystery, few have managed to lift part of the veil with which she surrounded her private life. Sometimes adored, sometimes derided, … Read more