“Let him close it a bit”: Cyril Hanouna puts Nicolas Bedos in his place after a harsh remark

Cyril Hanouna did not hesitate to take out his fangs to defend his television group, criticized by Nicolas Bedos. And the host’s criticisms are harsh. This Monday, October 31, 2022, Cyril Hanouna wanted to react to his columnists on a sequence from the show what timeduring which, Ragnar Le Breton heavily criticized the world of … Read more

The UMA Fancine festival will close its 32nd edition with ‘Fumer Fait Tousser’, by Quentin Dupiex

MALAGA, 14 (EUROPE PRESS) The Fantastic Film Festival of the University of Malaga (Fancine), which will be held at the Albéniz Cinema and other venues in the capital from November 9 to 17, will close its 32nd edition with the film ‘Fumer Fait Tousser’, one of the most recent proposals by French filmmaker Quentin Dupiex. … Read more

The Fifty: this candidate would be very close to Anthony Martial?


According to blogger Aqababe, Anthony Martial would have set his sights on a candidate for the show Les Cinquante. It seems that Anthony Martial appreciates women from the world of reality TV. Indeed, after his breakup with Mélanie Da Cruz, the Manchester United player would have fallen in love with the candidate of the Les … Read more

“The pop warbler has not died”: an experimental novel close to reality and far from high culture


“The pop warbler has not died” written by Criseida Santos Guevara The novel “The pop queen is not dead”, written by Criseida Santos Guevara, tells the story of Lupe, a lesbian who lives between Houston and Monterrey in constant pursuit of a stable salary; on one of those trips she meets Agnes, a Chilean immigrant, … Read more

A magistrate close to the Aounist camp could be appointed substitute in Bitar


The Minister of Justice Henri Khoury joined the act to the word. He had indeed announced on Tuesday, after a meeting with the President of the Republic, Michel Aoun, that a magistrate would be appointed shortly to look into the “urgent” questions related to the investigation into the double explosion at the port of Beirut … Read more

[BIFFF 2022 : Jour 13] A square remake to close and some stews


Karmalink: karma for him, coma for us It’s Saturday, in the second week, and we mustn’t lie to each other, it’s starting to feel like the end of the festival. Indeed, between the late arrival of yours truly, an almost deserted Palace 10 in the middle of Saturday afternoon, a time not to get Olivier … Read more

Close encounters: interview with Paolo Vanacore


I have known Paolo Vanacore in Rome during the presentation of Ahab, a literary magazine published in issue 100 dedicated to Pier Paolo Pasolini, on which I had written an article. Paolo is a writer, director and playwright who is working on the adaptation of “The Great Grabski” (the title, as you can easily imagine, … Read more

Christian Lawyers collects signatures to close the program of Héctor de Miguel and Marina Lobo

Christian Lawyers has launched a campaign to collect signatures aimed at closing the program of Héctor de Miguel and the journalist Marina Lobo on SER, Hora Veintipico. These disagree in the ways of the presenter who stated in one of his programs that «the Valley of the Fallen is a fucking shit. Why don’t we … Read more

Tricicle arrives in Madrid with its new version of ‘Forever Young’, a “song to life when one is close to death”

MADRID, June 14 (EUROPA PRESS) – The members of the Tricicle company, Carles Sans, Joan Gracia and Paco Mirarrive from this Wednesday at the Cofidis Alcázar Theater in Madrid with the renewed version of the musical ‘Forever Young’from Erik Gideon’s, “a hymn to life when you are close to death“, which they already took to … Read more