Karol Cariola: “We invite our fellow brothers from the Jewish community to all wear a Star of David on their clothes (…)”: #False

An alleged tweet circulates by deputy Karol Cariola where she calls on the Jewish community to wear a Star of David. However, the publication is false, since it comes from a parody account. In case you have little time: An alleged tweet by Karol Cariola is circulating on social networks, in which these sayings are … Read more

This documentary tells about lesbians and their clothes, this great political story

Available for free on YouTube since September 16, 2022, the documentary “Living on the margins – The construction of lesbian identities through clothes and politics” hands the microphone to twelve lesbian people aged 17 to 27 who tell what the style of clothing represents for them and what is militant or not. What could it … Read more