Karol Cariola: “We invite our fellow brothers from the Jewish community to all wear a Star of David on their clothes (…)”: #False

An alleged tweet circulates by deputy Karol Cariola where she calls on the Jewish community to wear a Star of David. However, the publication is false, since it comes from a parody account. In case you have little time: An alleged tweet by Karol Cariola is circulating on social networks, in which these sayings are … Read more

Community: the other series from the creator of Rick and Morty

Community not as well known as rick and morty, the Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland series that returns for its sixth season. This animated product starring the mad scientist and his grandson has achieved overwhelming success with critics and audiences, earning some very passionate fans who tirelessly analyze every detail of each episode to come … Read more

Recognition of the expertise of independent community organizations: moving from words to action Info Lanaudière


As part of the Quebec election campaign, the Regional Table of Autonomous Community Organizations of Lanaudière (TROCL) held a press conference to demand that political parties commit to finally officially recognizing autonomous community organizations, their expertise and their autonomy. The organizations expect clear commitments from the political parties in this regard. Funding by project weakens … Read more

Opinion | Given the rejection of ‘Lightyear’, the LGBTQ + community is still unable to sing victory

Placeholder while article actions load LightyearPixar’s latest attempt to squeeze its franchise out of toy story for money, it’s not a good movie. But at least it served as a thermometer to measure the reaction of conservatives against LGBTQ+ rights. If it bothers people to see a lesbian relationship depicted on film, then perhaps what … Read more